Nov 17, 2015
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Maria O’Donnell – Galley Beggar

Interview by Miss Peaches

Galley Beggar are a London and Kent based band who have all fallen in love with the rich old tones of folk rock. Their use of mandolin’s, guitars, bass, violin, percussion, drums and vocals have managed to produce music that gives you the feeling of going back in time where the resonating sound of folk rock raged through the woodlands. Today I have the pleasure of interviewing the lovely singer Maria

Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to do this interview with me for Femme Metal Webzine, Maria. How life is treating you?

Pretty good at the moment.

For our readers that still don’t know your fantastic band would you like to introduce us how Galley Beggar was born? Continue reading »

Nov 14, 2015
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Ellie Goulding – “Delirium” (2015)

Label: Polydor Records/Universal

Review by Warren Mayocchi

“Delirium” is Ellie Goulding‘s third album. She is building on the success of her first two albums and has a reputation for a husky vocal delivery and an edgy-pop songwriting style. So her latest album has been anticipated by many. Part of the anticipation is sure to be because of the Fifty Shades of Grey song, “Love Me Like You Do”, which undoubtedly gained her many new fans. On Ellie‘s previous albums I particularly enjoyed the emotional quality present in her singing, and “Love Me Like You Do” contains that quality but bought it into a cinematic style. With this background I was interested in hearing what “Delirium” would deliver. After a few listens of the album it is clearly focused on the pop oriented influences from Ellie‘s prior music – not a bad thing, but it has come at a cost. Continue reading »

Nov 12, 2015
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BAND-MAID – “New Beginning” (2015)

Label: Crown Takuma

Review by Warren Mayocchi

Japanese artists are somewhat isolated from their international fans. While music videos are available for us to be impressed, it is sometimes difficult for us to buy Japanese music. BAND-MAID have been together since 2013 and play a drums and guitar driven hard rock style. BAND-MAID have a fairly clean sound with minimal effects applied to instruments or voice. They have a solid rhythm section, effortless guitar riffing/soloing, and confident vocals;  this is a band that knows how to play. Listening to them I am reminded of artists like Lenny Kravitz, Disturbed and Skunk Anansie. Band-Maid was founded by MIKU who once worked in a “maid cafe” – a Japanese dining destination that is said to be influenced by cosplay, anime and video games. It sounds like fun, but with the music found on New Beginning” we can be thankful they gave up their day jobs.

Continue reading »

Nov 12, 2015
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Enya – “Dark Sky Island” (2015)

 Label: Warner Bros. Records

Review by Warren Mayocchi

“Dark Sky Island” is an album title tribute to the the island of Sark. It was the first island to be recognised as having no light pollution during the night and therefore is eminently suitable for watching the night sky. As a label for a musical album the celestial themed title does suit the content of the album. As well as the title track there are “The Loxian Gates”, “The Forge of the Angels”, both of which are said to be “intergalactic songs” and “Astra et Luna” (stars and moon). “The Humming…” attempts to represent the sound of the “early universe”. The deeper theme of the album is one of journeys.

The new album is a continuation of what Enya does best – create musical air. That is my description for her music, however there are some who call it new age, and the official line is Irish Celtic. Continue reading »

Nov 9, 2015
Comments Off on Artaius – “Torn Banner” (2015)

Artaius – “Torn Banner” (2015)

Label: Bakerteam Records

Review by Warren Mayocchi

“Torn Banners” by Artaius is well described by the progressive folk metal tag. The band was formed in 2008 and has seven members. It is obvious that everyone in the band is competent in their craft, the songs are well performed. The album opens with my favourite track, in your face, screaming, folk metal – “Seven Months”. I like that track because the elements of the band complement each other well and the folk is more dominant than elsewhere.

Most songs on the album feature clean female vocals and growling/screaming male vocals. Musically there is much happening in every song, keyboards, flute, violin, drums, guitars as well as the vocals. The exceptions, with several musical elements absent, are “Pictures of Life”, a ballad, and “By Humans Claimed”. Continue reading »

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