Les Discrets – “Virée Nocturne” EP (2016)

Label: Prophecy Productions

Review by Warren Mayocchi

The “Virée Nocturne” (night trip) EP from Les Discrets is a sample of an album to come called “Prédateurs”. It contains the title track in single and remix format, a demo of “Le Reproche”, and the relatively short “Capricorni. Virginis. Corvi”. This upcoming album marks a new direction for the band, though it is not too dissimilar to their prior work. The songs do introduce a strong electronic element – more Jean Michel Jarre or Mike Oldfield than Gary Numan. “Virée Nocturne” is a brooding thoughtful song which does have a music video. Both versions are done well and should build interest for “Prédateurs”. “Le Reproche” does sound raw in places, in particular during the electronics, however it is a demo, so that is to be expected. Likewise “Capricorni. Virginis. Corvi” is more a taste than a meal, there is insufficient time in a sub three minute song for Les Discrets to take the song anywhere and the repetitive staccato drum rolls dominate until an abrupt end. “Virée Nocturne” generates interest for the new album and I look forward to hearing the complete work.

Rating – 78/100



  1. Virée Nocturne
  2. Capricorni.Virginis.Corvi
  3. Le Reproche (Demo Version)
  4. Virée Nocturne (Dälek / Deadverse Remix)


Line Up

  • Audrey Hadorn – Vocals, lyrics
  • Fursy Teyssier – Guitars, bass, vocals