Oct 7, 2015
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Caterina Nix – Chaos Magic

Interview by Tony Cannella

Hailing from Chile, Caterina Nix is a phenomenal vocalist. All the proof you need is on the debut album from Chaos Magic. The band also features none other then Timo Tolkki. It is the collaboration between Tolkki and Nix which truly makes Chaos Magic ‘magical’. Recently Caterina Nix took some time to answer some questions for Femme Metal. It was a pleasure to give the spotlight to such an amazing up-and-coming talent. Here is what she had to say…

Welcome to Femme Metal Caterina and congratulations on the great debut album with Chaos Magic.

Thank you for having me!

How did you first meet Timo Tolkki and what led you to record an album together?

We met many years ago at a Stratovarius meet and greet here in Chile. I was always knocking on doors with my material and my music so I sent him a few songs and he liked my voice very much. Continue reading »

Oct 6, 2015
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Phaedra – “Blackwinged Night” (2015)

Label: Rune Grammofon

Review by Warren Mayocchi

Take a dreamy flight into the “Blackwinged Night”. Phaedra is primarily the work of Ingvild Langgård with the assistance of accomplished guests. This album is the sequel to a 2011 album titled “The Sea”. If you have a look at the cover art on the two albums there is an obvious style connection. The band call themselves alternative/folk/soul however that does not adequately describe the moody sound landscapes that are present on this album.

At first listen the contemplative vocal performance is the dominant sound on this album, with music as an atmospheric, rhythmic background wash. However, on re-play the minimal music reveals itself to be heavily layered and more complex than it sounded the first time through the ears. There are a couple of reasons why I missed it on the first listen. Continue reading »

Oct 6, 2015
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Interview by Miriam C.

I’ll admit that this time was a demanding task but if you haven’t understood I like to challenge myself and propose something out of the ordinary, well, first and foremost I must thank the guys over at Resonance Media especially Mr.Dave Cirone for make it happen for endless time and being so patient with me. Now, how I can introduce YOUSEI TEIKOKU to the ones that aren’t familiar with this band? The anime aficionados (or J-Rock fans, anyway the lovers of the Japanese musical scene) already know that a lot of their songs are featured in many Japanese anime/videogames soundtracks and the easiest way to explain who they are is directly quoting the press release: “YOUSEI TEIKOKU is a heavy metal band whose music mixes gothic rock, metal, electronic, and classical music with themes of fantasy and power” but I think it’s not thorough this definition because YOUSEI TEIKOKU is something more, it’s a parallel world where dreams and fairytales live so, at this point, I prefer let speak the Empress of the Fairy Empire herself for present their 6th album “SHADOW CORPS[e]” out on Lantis now. Join us in this magical Japanese journey… Continue reading »

Oct 2, 2015
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Kiarely & Janel – Conquer Divide

Interview by Tony Cannella

If people think that life on the road is all glamor and fun and no worries, you will think differently after reading about the plight of Conquer Divide. The band is currently on the All-Stars tour, a tour that the band almost saw derailed due to van and financial difficulties, but Conquer Divide soldiered on and managed to continue with the tour. Their self-titled debut is out now and is one the most ferocious and relentless debut’s I’ve heard in quite some time. Not only that, but the band proved to be an excellent live band as I found out when the tour stopped in Worcester, Mass. At the famous Palladium. Following their (all too brief) set I had a chance to talk to the two singers Kiarely (clean vocals) and Janel (screams) – the band is completed by guitarists Kristen and Izzy, bassist Sarah and drummer Tamara – and that in and of itself was an experience. The two vocalists gave a great interview and were a lot of fun to talk to, they also gave great insight into what life is like on such a high profile tour. Continue reading »

Oct 2, 2015
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Conquer Divide – “Conquer Divide” (2015)

Label: Artery Recordings

Review by Alysha Hayden

Conquer Divide’s self titled album is a debut for the six women that make up this multi-continent band. Their search to find the right combination took them all over the world which now has the band based in the UK as well as the US. In listening to this album you wouldn’t pick that the band does not contain one male. Especially with the screaming vocals which are delivered exquisitely by Janel. She reaches that deep register effortlessly. Conquer Divide opens with a cleverly titled track, “Sink Your Teeth Into This” and wow do the ladies give you a taste of their sound. They waste no time getting into their well constructed lyrics with clean vocalist Kiarley’s sound close to that of Hayley Williams from Paramore. It sounds like Paramore may have inspired a little of “Eyes Wide Shut” with a similar fast rock sound to much of their popular tracks. Continue reading »

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