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Apr 14, 2015
Comments Off on Never Trust – “Morning Light” (2013)

Never Trust – “Morning Light” (2013)

Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

When it comes to female fronted metal, the awesome country of Italy has produced some of the best. To this point it’s been mostly symphonic, operatic, power metal (with a few exceptions). Well, the band Never Trust offers something a bit different to the mix. Their debut album, “Morning Light” has more of an edgy, punk-ish, alternative metal vibe.

The opening track “Fade Away”comes flying out the gate like a shot of adrenaline. For 11-songs and about 39-minutes, Never Trust maintains a consistent, straight-forward approach. The songs are aggressive yet still maintain a catchy, basic rock and roll vibe. “Worthless” is another powerful song. The third track, “Rebound” is a cool mid-tempo number which has a ready-for-radio vibe – and is therefore – one of the more accessible tracks we have here. Continue reading »

Dec 18, 2014
Comments Off on Brave – “Surrounds Me” EP (2014)

Brave – “Surrounds Me” EP (2014)

Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

The Virginia based progressive rock/metal band Brave began their career in 1996 under the name Arise From Thorns in 1997 they released their debut demo followed by a self-titled full-length in 1998 and then the album “Before an Audience of Stars” followed a year later before the band changed their name to Brave. Under this new moniker the band has gone on to release two EPs, two full-lengths and a compilation, but has not released any new material since 2008, until now. Which brings us to their new 3-song single “Surrounds Me”.

The 15-minute disc begins with “Surrounds Me”. Michelle Schrotz has a fantastic voice. Fans of While Heaven Wept will know her as their keyboardist but with Brave she gets to prove what a top flight vocalist she is. “Surrounds Me” has some cool tempo changes and a pretty heavy riff as well as a great solo to finish the song. Continue reading »

Jul 9, 2014
Comments Off on Your Last Wish – “Desolation” (2012)

Your Last Wish – “Desolation” (2012)

Label: Maple Metal Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Montreal, Quebec, Canada comes the melodic Death Metal band Your Last Wish. The band formed in 2003 and in ’07 released their self-titled debut. Now YLW returns with a ferocious new album, “Desolation”.

The opening intro is just the calm before the storm as is this kicks of the 11-track, 43-minute CD. This leads us into “Crisis to Creation”, which starts off rather tame with cool guitar harmonies alternating with heavy riffs before the chaos kicks in and bedlam ensues. I like the way Your Last Wish is mindful of making the music somewhat melodic whilst lead vocalist Roxana does her thing. Musically, the band is technically proficient and Roxana is one of the best female death metal singers I’ve heard in a long time. Continue reading »

Jun 5, 2014
Comments Off on Teardown – “Drowned in Your Tears” DEMO (2004)/”Cold Rooms” EP (2006)/”Signs of (In)Humanity” SINGLE (2011)

Teardown – “Drowned in Your Tears” DEMO (2004)/”Cold Rooms” EP (2006)/”Signs of (In)Humanity” SINGLE (2011)

Independent Release

Reviews by Tony Cannella

Released in 2004, “Drowned in Your Tears” is the first recorded output from the Finnish band Teardown. Even though this is their first attempt, their sound is rawer and the production is not as good as what came after. Still, for fans of the band it is an interesting look at how Teardown started and has progressed over the years.

“Stolen by Sorrow” opens things on an up-tempo, energetic pace. “Iced Heart” is a bit slower and has a heavy, doomy quality to it. “Dust” is next and opens up acoustically, like a lot of the bands material as the heavy guitars join in. Even though the final track, “Drowned in Your Tears” opens with a slower pace it quickly speeds up and shows what this excellent melodic metal band is capable of. Continue reading »

Mar 9, 2014
Comments Off on Nervosa – “Victim of Yourself” (2014)

Nervosa – “Victim of Yourself” (2014)

Label: Napalm Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Nervosa is an all female thrash metal trio from Brazil. They’ve already been receiving some pretty positive buzz based on their initial 3-song demo released in 2012. Now the band is ready to unleash their debut full-length, “Victim of Yourself” via Napalm Records. Amidst all the female fronted symphonic, folk and power metal it seems like the thrash metal genre has been left behind, well Nervosa is about to change all of that. “Victim of Yourself” is definitely an old school thrash metal record, but having said that, it sounds pretty damn fresh. “Victim of Ritual”features 11-songs and 46-minutes worth of whiplash inducing, hair whipping thrash metal. The songs are aggressive, relentless and brutal. From the opening intro into “Twisted Values” the band strikes hard and fast with a ferocity that is infectious. Continue reading »

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