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Mar 9, 2014
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Nervosa – “Victim of Yourself” (2014)

Label: Napalm Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Nervosa is an all female thrash metal trio from Brazil. They’ve already been receiving some pretty positive buzz based on their initial 3-song demo released in 2012. Now the band is ready to unleash their debut full-length, “Victim of Yourself” via Napalm Records. Amidst all the female fronted symphonic, folk and power metal it seems like the thrash metal genre has been left behind, well Nervosa is about to change all of that. “Victim of Yourself” is definitely an old school thrash metal record, but having said that, it sounds pretty damn fresh. “Victim of Ritual”features 11-songs and 46-minutes worth of whiplash inducing, hair whipping thrash metal. The songs are aggressive, relentless and brutal. From the opening intro into “Twisted Values” the band strikes hard and fast with a ferocity that is infectious. Continue reading »

Oct 18, 2013

Panic Room – “Skin” (2012)

Label: Esoteric Antenna/Cherry Red Records

Review by Tony Cannella

My introduction to the UK prog/folk rock outfit Panic Room came via the excellent, “Satellite” album which was released in 2010. I came away with a very positive impression of the band. Now with their 3rd album, “Skin”, Panic Room have upped the ante and released a solid follow-up to “Satellite”.

While they are primarily lumped into the Prog genre, Panic Room is so much more. In addition to their prog leanings, they also offer influences that range from folk to pop or just straight rock. “Skin” contains over an hour’s worth of lush, atmospheric compositions and Anne-Marie Helder’s classy vocals. Continue reading »

Sep 7, 2013

Stolen Babies – “Naught” (2012)

Label: No Comment Records

Review by Davide Torresan

I really don’t like this season. Well, I think I truly hate summer. This heat makes me insane and, to contribute to this coma there is also the 2nd studio album of Stolen Babies, “Naught”. I mean, I’m not saying that I didn’t like it. The sound of this American trio of musicians composed by Dominique, Rani and Gil is an avantgarde rock/metal with a lot of experimentations. There are so many influences that they stun the listener, leading him into a hypnotic vortex from which it is impossible to escape. For me it is even hard to decide if it is weirder the “Naught”‘s cover with its cartoon smiling houses, flowers, the sun and a strange pink sheep or its content. They call it madness, but the risk to do a hotchpotch with too many things was behind the corner. Stolen Babies solved it with some melodic refrains that will be stuck in your head for hours. Continue reading »

Jun 17, 2013

The Reasoning – “And Another Thing…” EP (2012)

Label : Comet Music

Review by Matteo Bussotti

What can we say about Cardiff’s band, The Reasoning? How can we define their genre? We can say it’s “Dream-Metal”. In fact, listening to their EP will surely bring you in a lot of fantastic, dreamy places in your mind. Their style is soft, kind, but very powerful when it’s needed. This EP comes with a lot of expectations on its shoulders. In fact, it gives us a preview of what their upcoming sixth (including “Acoustically Speaking” and their live album) album.

Well, they’re clearly a prog-oriented band (among the members’ favorite bands there are BeatlesGenesis and Marillion for example), and they’re capable of creating an atmosphere in their songs you’ve probably never experienced before, but, right when you think you’re used to the rhythm…here it comes some powerful solo, guitar riff, or a crescendo, which completely blows your mind focusing again all your attention to the song! I find this EP to be really, really amazing. Continue reading »

Apr 2, 2013

Eternyx – “Unknown Way” (2013)

Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From Brazil, the band Eternyx formed in 2008 and has just issued their debut album “Unknown Way”. Throughout the 10-song 38-minute album, Eternyx offers various styles of metal, from death to doom to progressive to symphonic metal. Lead vocalist Aline Vandrack provides both clean and extreme vocals and the band is there every step of the way to compliment the duel vocal styles.

“Unknown Way” begins with the symphonic “Trust Me”. This is a huge sounding intro which segues nicely into the over-the-top bombast of “Lake of Tears”. The guitar riff is simply crushing on this one and the clean vocals soar right along with the music and the grunt vocals come into play as well on this one. Continue reading »

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