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Feb 3, 2015
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Interview by Alessandra Cognetta

Eivør Pálsdóttir is a singer songwriter from the Faroe Islands. With her incredible voice, she has created music in a huge variety of genres, always challenging herself and pouring all her passion into her songs. Her latest effort is a collaboration with Lennart Ginman, “The Colour of Dark”, a mesmerizing album that showcases her great vocal skills. Eivør is about to release her new solo album, “Bridges”, about which we have exclusive news, and kindly lent us some of her time for a nice, in-depth chat about her music and much, much more. The result of this long, friendly conversation involves everything from songwriting through beatboxing (no kidding!) to the Hobbit, from her role as Marilyn in an opera to her thoughts about women in the music industry, where she also kinda interviewed me back. Eivør is a sincere, authentic artist, whose works I cannot recommend enough, and I think this interview stands as good evidence for my case.
Hello and welcome to Femme Metal Webzine, Eivør! It’s a pleasure to have you with us. What have you been up to, lately? Continue reading »
Sep 18, 2013

Caroline Westerndorp – The Charm The Fury

Interview by Ary R. and Miriam Cadoni

Described as Holland’s best kept secret, The Charm The Fury debuts into the metalcore music scene this year with their full length album, a great record that will push these guys from Amsterdam on a higher level. On the occasion of the release of “A Shade of My Former Self”, we got the chance to exchance a few words with the lead singer Caroline Westendorp, that kindly tells us the latest news concerning a dream that came true. Exclusively for Femme, here you are the chat with miss Westerndorp!
Hi Caroline, welcome to Femme Metal. How are you doing?

Hi! I’m doing very well, thank you so much! Currently still in my bed, with my laptop in front of me. I’m rather tired from a weekend full of good stuff such as birthday parties ;-). How are you doing?! Continue reading »

May 30, 2013

Hitherside – “Hitherside” EP (2012)

Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

The band Hitherside formed in 2011 and features American vocalist Jennifer Summer and Belgian multi instrumentalist Sam Oerlemans. They have just released their self-titled EP which features 6-songs and over 25-minutes worth of infectiously melodic alternative metal. The songs are well written, performed and crafted.

The forceful opening riff leads into the cool first song, “Insignificant Other”. The next track, “Eventide” begins with an acoustic intro as the song gradually picks up in tempo, but remains a middle-paced song with a psychedelic vibe. “Detrimental” picks up the tempo quite a bit and is helped by a relentless guitar riff and a melodic groove – making this my favorite song. Continue reading »

Mar 10, 2013

Julie Kiss – To-Mera

Interview by Alessandra Cognetta

One of the most varied and well-crafted albums of 2012, To-Mera‘s “Exile” has already been praised in our “Reviews” section and is definitely one of the best records from last year. We took the chance and got in touch with lead vocalist and original founder member Julie Kiss to ask her some questions about the band, her career, Egyptology (!) and the current state of the music industry. Scroll below and dive in to read more!
Hello and welcome, Julie! First of all, a belated wish for a Happy New Year from Femme Metal! How are you and how has 2012 been for To-Mera?

Thanks, likewise. I’m great thank you, life is good right now. As you know, To-Mera have recorded a new album so it’s been pretty exciting. All the more so because the album almost never got made… Then when it did, we recorded and produced it all ourselves which was a very new but immensely rewarding experience.

To-Mera‘s latest effort, “Exile”, is a blessing for the ears and an infinite source of surprises (definitely one of my favourite albums of 2012, and I swear I’m a neutral party!). There’s plenty of reviews to read around, but if you had to review it by yourself, track by track, from the point of view of someone who saw the record come to life, what would you write?

I think I would refuse unless I had a lot of time on my hands ;) there is so much going on but the songs are all connected: they follow a plunge into a deep dark place that ends in a sort of spiritual enlightenment… Continue reading »

Mar 9, 2013

Edge of Attack – “Edge of Attack” (2013)

Label : Spread the Metal Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Canada’s Edge of Attack has recently been signed to the label Spread the Metal which is a great thing because it is clear to me that this four member outfit has something special. The songs that make up this 9-song, 47-minute debut delivers on so many different levels. Edge of Attack combines power metal with some old school thrash metal, some modern elements but is always mindful to infuse the songs with healthy doses of melody. I’m not sure which genre they belong in; the riffs border on thrash metal at times but they also mix it up with changes in tempo, some traditional metal style solos (guitarist Jurekk Whipple is just great!), technical metal and some straight up power metal – it’s all really well done. Vocalist Roxanne Gordey has got an excellent voice. She is not a thrash metal style screamer. Her vocals are clean yet gritty and they soar along with the music, she can take on an aggressive tone when need be, but most of the aggressive vocals are handled by Jurekk who contributes thrash metal like screaming vocals. Continue reading »

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