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Nov 1, 2013

TEODASIA announces European Tour with TARJA TURUNEN

From the Teodasia official site:

“Dear friends,
we have a wonderful update to share with you! We are happy and deeply excited to announce that we will be the opening act in seven gigs of the next European Tour of the legendary former lead singer of Nightwish,
definitely a fabulous dream coming true!!”

Also in this tour, they will present also the new EP “Reflection” at the European pubblic. You can listen to the teaser HERE. Continue reading »

Oct 21, 2013

Within Temptation – “Paradise (What’s About Us)” EP (2013)

Label: Dramatico Entertaintment

Review by Tony Cannella

What a treat this turned out to be. The collaboration between two of the most iconic female singers in metal was eagerly anticipated (by me anyway). On their new EP “Paradise (What About Us?)” the Dutch band Within Temptation joins forces with Tarja Turunen on the excellent title song and it is a match made in Femme Metal heaven.

In addition to the title song, “Paradise” also comes with three demo versions of new songs, which will presumably be on the next Within Temptation album. But the song and video that has everyone talking is “Paradise (What About Us?)”. This song is a melding of two phenomenal singers who bring different styles to the table but also go about their business cohesively – neither one tries to show up the other and neither tries to hog the spotlight. Continue reading »

Aug 29, 2013

Tarja – “Colours in the Dark” (2013)

Label: EarMusic

Review by Tony Cannella

On her 3rd solo album, “Colours in the Dark”, Tarja Turunen continues to hit her stride. Make no mistake about it, this is indeed a Tarja album and her vocals are as enchanting as ever. She continues to surround herself with some of the best musicians and collaborators the rock and metal world has to offer, but at the end of the day the major selling point is going to be Tarja’s voice and not to be over analytical; Tarja has come through big time with “Colours in the Dark”.

The opener “Victim of Ritual” begins with marching drums and quickly evolves into a bombastic track that is classic Tarja. Next we have the excellent “500 Letters”. Continue reading »

Mar 27, 2013

Inga Scharf – Van Canto

Interview by Andy Axworthy

After releasing four successful albums in almost five years, the band Van Canto does not really need an introduction. Their ‘A Capella’ metal has drawn the attention of thousands of fans worldwide over these years. This interview is with Inga Scharf, one of the singers of the band, who talks about the brand-new album “Break the Silence”, her music inspirations and the future plans of the band.
Hi Inga! Thank you for your time. How are you?

Great, thank you! Continue reading »

Mar 7, 2013

Mike Oldfield – “Tubular Beats” (2013)

Label : earMusic/Edel

Review by Davide Torresan

I am 26 years old, almost 27, and I don’t know who’s Mike Oldfield. Yes, you‘ve read right. Sometimes I’ve heard his name, but I’ve never listened to his music. Or at least I thought it. When “Tubular Beats” arrived on my desk, I fixed this issue looking a bit around and I can honestly say that I was surprised by what I’ve discovered since he’s the author of the famous hits “To France”, “Guilty” and “Moonlight Shadow”. I was really blown away by his skills and the boundless musical talent of this artist. “Tubular Beats” was the album that pushed me to browse within his infinite discography.

This new album is not a new experiment for Mike since already in the past it has been released something similar. “Tubular Beats” is the summary of all his most famous songs in a dance reinterpretation. The author of this work is Torsten “York” Stenzel, a famous producer and dj in Ibiza which every summer entertains thousands and thousands of people on the dancefloors. The name, and obviously the album cover, derive from “Tubular Bells”, the most renowned work of Mike and from its sequels. Continue reading »

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