Label : Cyclic Law

Review by Luisa Mercier

Arcana is a legendary name in neoclassical-ethereal, medieval sounding music and now are back after some years of silence with this 3 track EP..

The songs are classic Arcana.  In “As The End Draws Near”, male vocals chant over a rich layer of ancient music, mesmerizing the audience while female opera vocalising enrich the texture of the track.

“Cage” is a beautiful duet, really ethereal that brings you in another dimension.
Last song, “Precious Stone” is another piece of hypnotizing beauty, where female vocals leads us into a world that existed centuries ago.  If you are an Arcana fan, this release will not leave you disappointed.

Rating – 70/100



  1. As The End Draws Near
  2. Cage
  3. Precious Stone


Line Up

  • Peter Bjärgö – Vocals
  • Ann-Mari Thim – Vocals
  • Cecilia Bjärgö – Vocals & Choirs
  • Sergio Gamez Martinez – Keyboards
  • Nuria Luiz – Violin
  • Mattias Borgh – Percussions



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