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Interview by Miriam C.

Gothic new-wave duo Se Delan, comprised by Crippled Black Phoenix‘s members Belinda Kordic and Justin Graeves, are back with their second album “Drifter” released via KScope. Compared to “The Fall”, “Drifter” marks a musical evolution in their sound who became more darker and more refined. Let’s hear what Belinda Kordic, singer and one half of the duo, has to say about it.

Welcome back to Femme Metal Webzine Belinda, how life is treating you nowadays?

Thank you for having me again!

The last time we talked together (me, you and Justin) was back in 2014 during the promo of your debut “The Fall”. What you can say about “Drifter”‘s genesis? When have you started to collect the first ideas for the album?

“Drifter” started brewing while we were recording the last two songs for “The Fall”. We already had “Drifter” outlined in our little heads. “Chasing Changes” was one of the last songs we recorded for “The Fall” and that song was kind of telling which way we were going to go with our second album.

According what I’ve listened to and as the press release correctly states you’ve created “an album that felt raw, more natural and human”. What lead to, in some ways, create a more darker atmosphere in both music and lyrics?

It is just how it turned out. We had it in us and it needed to be set free!

I quote directly from the press release:”musically and lyrically (“Drifter”) looks at madness and how the line between sanity and insanity can at times appear frighteningly thin”. Would you like to explain more about this by taking your lyrics as cross-reference?

There are two songs on the album that are on a lighter note: “Blue Bird” for instance. That song is about appreciating the little things in life. We all know the world is going to shits, going crazy. It makes you (me) really appreciate those little light moments in your daily life. The other song that isn’t , is “Blueprints”. A song dedicated to our cats and pets in general. Letting them know how much i love them and how much they mean to me. Life without animals would be horrible.

“Drifter” comes after 3 years from your previous album “The Fall”: if you could draw a parallel between them, how do you think your approach changed since then?

Think it has changed a fair bit. We wanted to do an album with a driving beat. More pulsating than soft and mellow and skip the acoustic guitars and string arrangements. Have it more raw (electric . We opted for simpler structures also. No fiddling around, no smooth reverbs effects on the overall sound/mix like we had on “The Fall”. Just more raw. So I think it is two very different albums.

I’d like to focus for a little bit on the cover of “Drifter”: this time you’ve opted for something very essential and striking like this simple cathedral in red and black. What it stands for and what is the vision behind it?

Nice, isn’t it? All thanks to Matthew Dunn. He is the artist behind the artwork. We wanted black and red as the main colors. We did have another cover in mind at first: the cathedral was supposed to be in the booklet but something just didn’t sit right. I took a second look at the booklet art..and PLING! THE CATHEDRAL is the cover. I think it is stunning in its simplicity. When I look at the cover I see another world. An Edgar Allan Poe world.

Recently you have premiered via your new song “Going Home”, what insight you can share about it?

I know this might sound a little bit dramatic, but to not waste any time on trivial matters. Time waits for no one. You could be “going home” (dead) tomorrow. No escaping that. We are all going to the forever neverland. I just hope it is a nice place.. I would like to believe so.

Se Delan is mainly a duo composed by you and Justin Graeves and I presume you have two distinct music extraction (and formation) so I’m wondering to know how 2 different artist like you were able to combine with your different musical style?

The past projects and bands we have played in might be way different to each others, but we do share a lot of the same music taste. I think Justin is an amazing composer. It comes easy putting a voice to his music.

Since the last time there’s a curiosity that personally I’d like to satisfy: what information can you partake of about your musical background, how your musical journey started?

I started pretty late. I was 22 when I formed S.T.A.B.B together with a friend. It was a grungy/alternative band. My vocal performance resembled that of Marge Simpson, with a Black Metal twang to it. Here is the evidence (be warned). Few years after forming the band I picked up the guitar and learnt to play it. I had melodies in my head and wanted to be able to compose songs and not only write lyrics. When we ended S.T.A.B.B I went on with Killing Mood as a solo project. I was fed up with screaming and I wanted to go other ways musically. Take a more softer approach.

I read that currently you’re on tour with CPB (Crippled Black Phoenix), what’s in the pipeline for CPB? And to what extent you’ll participate in their next album?

CBP are going into the studio tomorrow, to record a new album! Looks like I’ll be singing on two songs. I’m happy to continue guest singing.

What are Se Delan‘s plans? Are you planning to promote “Drifter” with some dates?

We would love to take it out on the road. But it is not that easy as we ain’t teenagers anymore living with mummy and daddy. Bills to pay and pets to be fed.

So, Belinda, it’s time for your parting words – I really thank you for your time and accepting again with speak with us – please greet freely our readers and your fans. Thanks again!

Thanks for having me 🙂 To all your readers out there… Help fight animal cruelty!

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