Label: Auerbach Tonträger/Prophecy Productions

Review by Luisa Mercier

Camerata Mediolanense, the Italian Neoclassical ensemble, is back after fifteen years with a new, elegant album. I alreasdy knew them thanks to one of my Facebook friends and already appreciated their literary approach to lyrics and music, so I was ready to welcome this record.

Since I am Italian, it was quite easy for me to recognize the source for the lyrics, or I’d better say the sources. The band was inspired by Italian medieval literature, mixing famous poems by Francesco Petrarca with electronica, folk and acoustic soundscapes.

It is very evocative with male and female choruses like for example in “Altri Perfecti” with a lively background. I think that this album is not for all tastes, that is for sure, but if you look for something refined, very intellectual and mysterious, Camerata Mediolanense might be your cup of tea.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Voi Ch’Ascoltate
  2. Dolci Ire
  3. Canzone all’Italia
  4. Altri Perfecti
  5. Fragmentum XXXV
  6. Solo et Pensoso
  7. Tremo et Taccio
  8. Vago Augelletto
  9. Vergine Bella
  10. Lo Grande Desire
  11. O Mia Stella
  12. Quest’Anima Gentil


Line Up

  • Elena Previdi – Songwriting, keyboards, organ, percussions,  harpsichord & accordion
  • Daniela Bedeski – Vocals (Soprano Lirico)
  • Trevor – Vocals (baritono), percussions, keyboards & sampling
  • Manuel Aroldi – Percussions
  • Marco Colombo – Percussions



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