Label: Sargent House

Review by Warren Mayocchi

Emma Ruth Rundle is known for an ambient rock-folk style. On “Marked for Death” she lives up to that reputation, though the music comes across with a mild country accent and Tori Amos vibe. Perhaps it is the dark storytelling which gives those extra nuances, but the vocal delivery and guitar work certainly contribute. “Real Big Sky” is my favourite track from the album and it has a music video. The video includes an extended intro and spoken passages not included on the album track. The spoken parts provide insight into the album and the track as they capture the raw exposed artist present within the songs. While “Real Big Sky” is a great song and fits well with the album it has a strong acoustic presence which is less obvious on the other tracks. Thematically, the album has a sombre mood with a hopeful heart. It is a thoughtful, sometimes philosophical exploration of a few of the darker sides to life. Consider these lines from “Protection” – another of my favoured tracks – “I am worthless in your arms / But you offer this protection no one else has given me”. All of the eight songs on “Marked for Death” are a well delivered combination of whisper and roar, that is to say, the songs have a ballad-like feel, but there is an emotional intensity which builds throughout. This type of passion is rare to hear in recorded music, so it is well worth lending Emma Ruth Rundle your ear.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Marked For Death
  2. Protection
  3. Medusa
  4. Hand of God
  5. Heaven
  6. So, Come
  7. Furious Angel
  8. Real Big Sky