Label: Secret Quarters

Review by Davide Torresan

Only one year has passed since the release of the EP “Havdøgn” of the Norwegian Havnatt. “Etterlatte” is the debut album of the Scandinavian duo and it’s again based on a poem of the Norwegian poet, novelist and playwright Tormod Skagestad. The guitarist Tom Simonsen and the talentuous singer Cecilie Langlie decided not to change radically the sound of “Havdøgn”, but they added a couple of new elements of which were not in the EP. In fact, there, the sounds were way too poor. Although the celestial voice of Cecilie stood out on the numerous guitar arpeggios, you could hear a feeling of emptiness, and the risk to yawn was really high. To this 2 elements it has been added a cello and the mellow sound of a violin to fill the void of that lack. We are always talking about ambient/neofolk music, but the improvement is really clear. The absence of refrains should not scare the listener, but push him to isolate himself from the rest of the world. Indeed this kind of album can only be appreciated disappearing from the things that surrounds us. As if by magic, you’ll be brought to the Norwegian lands lulled by songs with a strong folk taste. “Etterlatte” is truly poetry in music. The string’s sound and the intrusion of the piano give a certain touch of decadence and melancholy. Even though the album will be out in August, this is autumn/winter music to listen to in rainy and gloomy days. This is simple but straightforward music. It goes straight to your heart.

It is difficult to name some titles, since “Etterlatte” is a compact album that can be admired only in its entirety. Cecilie, also in this occasion, is the highlight of this work. Her voice reminded me of the beauty of Lisa Gerrard’s one and thanks to the obscure sound of certain songs I am sure that Dead Can Dance fans could appreciate this project. For me staying away from metal music is always a good thing. Now that “Etterlatte” is out, it is even more. I recommended it for those who wants to take a moment of peace from the world. For the dreamers and the melancholics.

Rating – 78/100



  1. Sovande Gard (Tolkning 1)
  2. Et Blinkfyr Våker I Vest
  3. Etterlatte
  4. Farvel Til Årvak
  5. Vårnatta Er Ein Lys Felestreng (Del 1)
  6. Det Er Slutt På Sommarskvellan
  7. Stjernenetter
  8. Je Bøgde Meg Stille – Og Gråt
  9. Var Je Solblesten (Albumversjon)
  10. Mellom Linjene
  11. Sovande Gard (Tolkning 2)
  12. Folkevise


Line Up

  • Cecilie Langlie – vocals
  • Tom Simonsen – guitars and all the various other things



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