Havnatt – “Havdøgn” EP (2012)


Label : Secret Quarters

Review by Luisa Mercier

Havnatt is a Norwegian duo, they write music and perform songs based on the poems by the Norwegian author Tormod Skagestad.  Their sound is fairly stripped down and acoustic, a style that well suits the classical lyrics.  This is a reissue of their 2006 EP which was commissioned to the band by Skagestad family, with the addition of two completely new tracks. The opener “Myrulla” is a quiet song. The acoustic guitar backs Cecilie Langlie vocals. The overall mood is very peaceful, relaxed, chilling and matches the twilight Norwegian landscapes. “Havnatt”is a little bit gloomier and the vocals have almost an echo sound, like they are sung in an empty room. The music is always really kept simple.

The third song is “Prammen”, the longest and last one in the original EP. Though very atmospheric, I have to admit that it can be a bit boring due to the lack of variety in the music. The vocal lines are interesting and to them is given the task to keep things more interesting “Han som Skyggar Meg” is one of the unreleased songs and it has been composed in the same vein of the previous three: acoustic guitars and vocals.

“Jernbanskinnur Soev Gjennom Landet” is the closing track and it has a more positive mood to it. Always calming, soothing, it has some piano towards half of the song which is a welcomed change. Since it is only an EP, it is acceptable that it is not very varied, but for a future full-length they may need some new elements in the songs, otherwise the risk to sound monotonous is high.

Rating – 65/100



  1. Myrulla
  2. Havnatt
  3. Prammen
  4. Han Some Skyggae Meg
  5. Jernbanskinnur Soev Gjennom Landet


Line Up

  • Cecilie Langlie – Vocals
  • Tom Simonsen – Guitars


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