Label: Saadi Saati Records (Pesanta Urfolk Records)

Review by Luisa Mercier

I already got to know Leila through her work in one of her bands, the metal combo Hammers of Misfortune, but never really had the chance to go deeper into her production as solo artist and vocalist. I must warn my readers that in this record, they will not find anything metal. On the other hand, it is an ambient work, very eerie, haunting and sometimes creepy as in the track “Despair from Words Unsaid”, which really sounds like ghosts roaming around. There are not much vocals, more whispers, a few whispers, vocalisings, but the classic song structure is something you must forget, if you decide to listen to this record. It is more of a experience, a true journey in your own self during the rainy and gloomy winter days.

Rating – 75/100




  1. In This Dream
  2. Despair from Words Unsaid
  3. Will I Be Sane
  4. Dance of the Pendulum
  5. June 14
  6. Tears in White Fluids
  7. Nearby
  8. Ibis
  9. Questions
  10. Separation