Label: Lionboy/Cooking Vinyl

Review by Warren Mayocchi

Heartfelt folk rock is what you will hear from Lissie on “My Wild West”. There is a subtle country edge to the music, but you might miss it if you don’t listen for it. Except for a few more pop oriented songs the album is delivered with the acoustic feel of pianos and guitar. Lissie definitely has a strong voice and it is the vocal that leads this album. “Don’t Give Up on Me” and “Daughters” have music videos and they are a couple of the upbeat songs on the album. The music video for “Daughters” is good to watch because it provides extra depth to the inspiration for the song. It was inspired by the women who helped create peace after a 14 year long war as shown in the documentary “Pray The Devil Back to Hell”. These pop oriented songs are good enough to set the foot tapping, but the album shines brightest in the slower songs. My favourites are “Sun Keeps Risin'”, “Go For a Walk” and “Ojai”, but they are all excellent. “Hollywood” is a diary entry of the experiences with success and disappointment in the music industry. This album has been released on Lissie‘s own label. With good songwriting, and impassioned vocal delivery, “My Wild West” is an album worth spending time with. Strong melodies and lovely vocal phrases on first listening, deepening involvement with the performance on repeated play.

Rating – 83/100



  1. My Wild West Ouverture
  2. Hollywood
  3. Wild West
  4. Hero
  5. Sun Keeps Risin’
  6. Don’t You Give Up On Me
  7. Stay
  8. Daughters
  9. Toghether Or Apart
  10. Shroud
  11. Go For a Walk
  12. Ojai