Label: SIGE Records

Review by Warren Mayocchi

Imagine a speaker, volume up to maximum, there is an underlying buzz being emitted reflective of the high volume but nothing else. Gradually the buzz becomes the layered expressions of piano, guitar, and droning yet melodic vocals. Each sound fades back into the buzz as new sounds emerge. Eventually the sounds all fade away to leave only the ever-present buzz, but as you listen you realise the buzz does change. It morphs through various ambient, atmospheric, perhaps cinematic, noises. This is Mamiffer. This is “The World Unseen”. It is a listening experience akin to floating through an asteroid field. Beautiful, dangerous, and personal. It is highly experimental at times – “Domestication of the Ewe (Part 1)” contains an extended section of slowly evolving radio static. At other times it is jarring with the juxtaposition of noise. Most of the time it is a soothing experience. It creates a space for meditation, perhaps “The World Unseen” is that which is internal to us all, and Mamiffer have created the soundtrack. Personally I like the instrumental feeling of impending doom presented in the “Domestication of the Ewe (Part 2)”. Part 3 of the trilogy is a return of vocals and maybe also a feeling of hope, it has a choir-like chant to complement the stark ambiance. The album concludes with “Parthenogenesis” which means reproduction without the need for fertilisation. It is a fitting conclusion to the album thematically and musically. Mamiffer are Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner. Wrap your head with earphones and send your mind into “The World Unseen”, it is a destination worthy of the listening journey.

Rating – 88/100


  1. By the Light of My Body
  2. Flower of the Field II
  3. 13 Burning Stars
  4. Mara
  5. Domestication of the Ewe I (Est Ovum)
  6. Domestication of the Ewe II (Höhle)
  7. Domestication of the Ewe III (Divine Virus)
  8. Parthenogenesis


Line Up

  • Faith Coloccia – Piano, vocals, choral arrangement, organ, Wurlitzer, bass synthesizer, noise, tapes, effects, sound collage
  • Aaron Turner – Guitar, effects, loops, feedback, noise, sound collage



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