Neun Welten – “The Sea I’m Diving In” (2017)


Label: Prophecy Production/Auerbach Tonträger

Review by Warren Mayocchi

In Norse mythology there are nine worlds. When “nine worlds” is translated to German the result is Neun Welten. The band are experienced performers with two albums already produced. However, “The Sea I’m Diving” In is a big change to the instrumental dark folk of the prior compositions. For this album vocals and electric guitar have been added. Instrumentally the band are superb, as can be expected from a group who have obtained success via their mastery of a mini-orchestra which included clarinet, violin, cello, acoustic guitar, piano, and percussion on previous albums. This time around the core band is comprised of Aline Deinert (violin, piano), David Zaubitzer (guitar, cello, bass), and Meinolf Müller (guitar, vocals). Other musical elements on the recording, like percussion, must have been performed by guests. The vocals are primarily a breathy – not quite spoken word – male performance. It is a cross between the vocal styles of Leonard Cohen and dark wave German bands like Wolfsheim or De/Vision. A band closer to Neun Welten in overall style and impact is Les Discrets. While the songs retain the captivating instrumentals of prior albums, this is definitely a new Neun Welten. There is less acoustic folk and more folk rock. While space has been made for the vocal performance, most of the songs are driven by the musical performance which tends to cinematic. This is on purpose, the band intend to tell emotional atmospheric stories on the album. They do it well, though I do like the songs better when swimming with the music rather than navigating with the lyric. It should be noted some lyrics are said to be inspired by Edgar Allen Poe – this will give those familiar with Poe‘s dark writings an idea of the mood on this album. Each song has strong thematic elements which ensure this is a cohesive album, but each song is also a distinct entity. Standouts are many. “Lonesome October” has excellent percussive passages which are paired with violin or piano (sometimes both). “Floating Mind” has a great marching intro and refrain – this song demands your attention, where will it go? It does float between various moods, none settled, until a single clear chime stills the experience. The second half of “Nocturnal Rhymes” moves from gentle rhythms and builds to frenzied harmonies from all band members. “In Mourning” begins with an up tempo, straight-from-the-eighties insistent guitar and drum rhythm. The song is well complemented by vocals and strings until the moment, from the lyrics “In June she died”, then the song becomes a lament – it is well crafted. Will you like “The Sea I’m Diving In”? It will depend on your appreciation of the vocals – long term fans may be turned away, new ones will need an ear for the melancholic shoegaze style. Though there are no videos available, the music can be sampled on Bandcamp or via youtube. If this is your scene, there is a lot to enjoy by diving deep into Neun Welten‘s atmospheric sea.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Intro
  2. Drowning
  3. The Dying Swan
  4. Cursed
  5. Nocturnal Rhymes
  6. Floating Mind
  7. Earth Vein
  8. Lonesome October
  9. Lorn
  10. Human Fail
  11. In Mourning


Line Up

  • Aline Deinert – Violin, Piano
  • David Zaubitzer – Guitar, Cello, Bass
  • Meinolf Müller – Guitar, Vocals

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