Phildel – EP (2013)


Independent Release

Review by Luisa Mercier

Phildel is one of those rare artists in whom musical talent is complemented by an imagery of equal beauty. I stumbled upon her by mere chance through Facebook, and loved her since the first listen to “Storm Song” and after watching the captivating, dreamy and classy video that matches the song.

The pastel colours, the evocative, highly symbolic images are expression of a beautiful mind.
The song, at the beginning, reminded me of Enya and goes on, soft and haunting, but catchy and elegant at the same time. Her vocals are thin, airy, perfect in this context. Also the lyrics are very poetic, so can you ask for more? Go, run on YouTube and love it. In this EP there are two more songs, each accompanied by a video. I have guessed that actually all three videos might be connected to each other in some way, also thanks to what seems to me the same location: the sea, the field with red poppies, the mask. All is very meaningful and striking, you can see that she really thought about it.

“Union Stone” is a bit more melancholic, but at the same time I get a positive vibe from it, I can’t even explain to you the feeling, but I see it as a good ending song in a full-length.  As “Storm Song” (that you can download at this link) , it is masterfully crafted, slightly cinematic and catchy. Third song is “Beside You”, a sweet ballad driven by piano and strings that will melt your heart. “In my symbolized world I am a beautiful girl” says the chorus and I have to confirm that she is really good at using symbols. Fourth track is a remix by Monsieur Adi, that gave to the track a dark and twisted mood that I really enjoy. I also eagerly wait for her recently announced collaboration with Sleepthief, being him among my top favourite musicians. Trust me and do yourself a favor in this world filled with trashcan music; listen to her!

Rating – 80/100



  1. Storm Song
  2. Union Stone
  3. Beside You
  4. Beside You (Monsieur Adi Remix)


Line Up

  • Phildel Ng – vocals, piano, songwriting



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