Priscilla Hernandez – “Ancient Shadows – The Ghost and the Fairy” (2006)


Label : Yidnet

Review by Luisa Mercier

Straight from Fairyland, here she comes. The Spanish singer-songwriter Priscilla Hernandez is multi-talented musician who created a record completely devoted to fairish, ethereal ambient music.

The listener will be lead in a world made of green forests, pale maidens, medieval landscapes. The mood of the album ranges from the creepy “Facing the Dream” to the sensual “Away”. Her sweet vocals play on electronic and piano soundscapes, creating a relaxing, chilling atmosphere.

Some melancholia may appear here and there as in “Ancient Shadow” or “I Steal the Leaves” which is my personal favorite on the album. Completely inspired by the world of fables and fairies are “The Willow’s Lullaby” and “The Call of the Nymph” which also has a slight folk feeling. Recommended to fans of ambient, positive and heartfelt music.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Facing the Dream (opening credits)
  2. Away
  3. Ancient Shadow
  4. But If You Go
  5. I Steal the Leaves
  6. The Willow’s Lullaby
  7. The Call of the Nymph
  8. Nothing
  9. Haunted
  10. Nightmare
  11. Fairy Tale
  12. The Realms of Twilight
  13. The Voice of the Night
  14. Lament
  15. Ahora que Te Has Ido
  16. The Prince and the Fairy
  17. I’m Right Here
  18. Sueño Muerto
  19. Facing the Dream (closing credits)


Line Up

  • Priscilla Hernandez – Music & Vocals


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