Label : Yidneth

Review by Luisa Mercier

Second release from the fairy Priscilla, from Spain. I already had the privilege to listen to her 2006 release “Ancient Shadow” which became quite known among the lovers of female fronted, ethereal, Celtic tinged music. She also had the chance to support the legend Qntal in the USA, letting her gathering new elements and further developing her sound.

“The Underliving” is her second concept and it comes with a beautiful artwork and package, showing us her her skills are not only music-related.  She brings us in her world suspended between magic and reality alternating moments of serenity as in “Through the Long Way” and creepier ones as in the title-track.

Along with Priscilla soft voice and her boyfriend Hector‘s synth and percussions, the contributions to this album are several: Biel Fiol cello and the Australian Luisa John-Krol who is a prominent ethereal-folk music representative. It is impossible not to be fascinated by the piano, the electronica, the percussions, the strings and her voice that now is even more mature and emotional than before. Even though the album is quite long, more than seventy minutes, it is very enjoyable and it is so beautiful to listen to it and relax. Let yourself be trapped by Priscilla and her world of light, darkness, magic, serenity and melancholy.

Rating – 80/100



  1. In the Mist
  2. The Underliving
  3. Feel the Thrill
  4. Through the Long Way
  5. Don’t be Sad
  6. In my Mind’s Eye
  7. Off the Lane
  8. Storm
  9. The Aftermath
  10. The Wind Song
  11. Ode to the Silence
  12. Northern Lights
  13. Morning Light
  14. At the Dream’s Door
  15. One Last Hope
  16. Totonika Nova
  17. Good Night Kira
  18. Rise


Line Up

  • Priscilla Hernandez – Music & Vocals



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