Label : Arcane Records

Review by Luisa Mercier

Schoolcraft is the solo project of Lindz Riot, singer of the Canadian gothic rock band Mary and The Black Lamb.
As solo artist, she decided to show us her skills with piano, since she is classically trained, drawing her inspiration from nature, fantasy, orchestral music and trip-hop.

“Your Mind” is a 2-track single which features the title track and “Where You Go”.The first is a simple piano-driven ballad, sweet and melacholic. The mood reminds me of singer songwriters like Kirsty Thirsk or Johanna Stevens. “Where You Go” is more electronic based, with a trip-hop vibe. The vocals are more sensual and less naive, feels like floating in the air.  If this is just an appetizer of the album that will come, I will be really glad to listen to it! These two tracks sound really promising and diverse, so I am eager to listen to what she can do on her own!

Rating – 70/100



  1. Your Mind
  2. Where You Go


Line Up

  • Lindz Riot – Piano, vocals & programming



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