Label: Pesanta Urfolk Records

Review by Luisa Mercier

I had the pleasure to appreciate Scout Paré-Philips in The Sterling Sisters album “Hale” where she backed the male vocalist.  Therefore I was really glad to have the chance to review her solo work “Fields of Ash”. It is a 7”with only two tracks, but very remarkable.
There is only her voice and an acoustic guitars, but her unique tone will make you shiver. Only two elements and a true journey. The style is quite similar to those of her band, maybe more acoustic and less dark, but I think that her voice itself carries a melancholy that I rarely found in other female singers. If you do not know her, please check “Fields of Ash” out or The Sterling Sisters, you will be enchanted.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Fields of Ash
  2. In The End


Line Up

  • Scout Paré-Phillips – vocals, autoharp, guitar
  • Emil Bognar-Nasdor – drums, percussion
  • Jonathan Elliott – electronics




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