Seventh Harmonic – “Garden of Dilmun” (2011)


Label : Out of Line

Review by Luisa Mercier

Seventh Harmonic is neoclassical, atmospheric combo formed all by girls coming from different countries and other different projects (Narsilion, Arcana, etc, etc…). Their main influence is Dead Can Dance and you can clearly hear it throughout the album. Listen for example to “Dilmun”: it is beautiful, evocative, peaceful even though not very original.

I prefer when they lean more on their neoclassical side like in “Mneme” or “Soporanimi”, the songs are well layered, vocals are soaring and have a quite interesting dramatic feeling to them, especially the first. “Litha” is another example with its heavenly notes, it is almost intangible like the clouds. As you might notice reading the tracklist, all of the songs are related to the Pagan world and Pagan festivities: “Beltane” is a quite sad intrlude, not reminding of the celebration of the beginning of Summer and its corresponding Fall celebration, “Samhain”, is nostalgic, perfectly fitting the time of falling leaves.

The vocals of Ann-Mari are very good, you can perceive she is skilled and talented but never exaggerates; she is perfect since never takes over the instrumental part as other classical trained singers do in gothic/metal releases. Overall it is a very delicate album, you will not find any up-tempo moment, it is perfect to sit and just relax, letting music flow through you.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Valensanimi
  2. Aiode
  3. Dilmun
  4. Imbolc
  5. Mabon
  6. Eostre
  7. Soporanimi
  8. Beltane
  9. Mneme
  10. Litha
  11. Samhain
  12. Melete
  13. Equianimi


Line Up

  • Caroline Jago – Composer, programming, production, bass, guitar, drums
  • Ann-Mari Thim – Lyrics and vocals
  • Lesley Malone – Drums, percussions


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