Label: Cyclic Law

Review by Luisa Mercier

The Floating World is the solo project of Amanda Votta. Begun in 2005, three albums have been released so far; “Full Sturgeon Moon” (Hand/Eye, 2005), “Unda” (Barl Fire, 2005) and “River of Flowers” (Foxglove, 2006), appearing as well on a few compilations. In this fourth release, The Floating World perfectly puts the name of the band into practice. The mood is really eerie, ghostly, it goes beyond the concept of traditional song structure. You will find yourself immersed in a grey, black forest of fog, sounds, now and then interrupted by some whispers and reverberations that reminded me of SUNN O))). The wind, the insects roaming and buzzing through the branches, birds, but all of this is preented like it was surrounded by a wall of creepy noise. Sometimes you can recognize a traditional instrument (flute, violin in “Vernal”) and some far away voices seem to cast a spell over the listener.

“Belief in Summer” is opened by what it seems an explosion, a war of sounds which at some point are stopped by a flute, a distant flute playing in a sea of fog. “The Apparition” is definetely a record that cannot be approached by everyone, but if you love experimental (very experimental) releases, something that is music no more, but it has been transformed into something else, then you may want to try The Floating World.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Another Way
  2. Vernal
  3. Belief in Summer
  4. Chromatic Aberration I
  5. Impossible
  6. Succor
  7. If Only The Moon



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