Trobar de Morte – “The Silver Wheel” (2012)


Label: In The Morningside Records

Review by Luisa Mercier

Trobar de Morte are back, three year after their latest full-lenth release and last year acoustic album. This time the album is inspired by Celtic mythology, by the ancestral goddess of the Earth in hymns like “The Silver Wheel” and “Riding The Wheel”. Tales, legends and myths of ancient Celtic classics are masterfully interpreted in songs like “The Mist of Avalon”, “Morgana”, “Arianrhod”, “Nimue” and the cover version of “Kyrie Eleison”. Deeply rooted in paganism and Gaelic tradition are songs like “The Pagan Way”, “Samhain” (the Gaelic Harvest Festival) and fantasy themes like “In the Garden of Serenity” and “Moonspell”

As far as music is concerned, Lady Morte, the main composer and mastermind of the band shows once again her love for long compositions with a slight progressive feeling and a strong Medieval flavour. Percussions, strings, flute, chants, all contribute to create the right atmosphere and let the listeners go back to King Arthur times (another beloved TDM theme). I already knew them since some years and I appreciated their work. This record confirmed the quality of the Spanish folk band, one of the most loved in their genre. Utterly recommended to fans and lovers of Medieval style.

Rating – 70/100



  1. The Mist of Avalon
  2. Arianhord
  3. In The Garden of Serenity
  4. The Silver Wheel
  5. Riding The Wheel
  6. La Dama del Invierno
  7. Nimue
  8. Samhain
  9. Morgana
  10. The Arrival of The Darkness
  11. The Pagan Way
  12. Moonspell


Line Up

  • Lady Morte – Voice, Flute, Hurdy Gurdy, Keyboardist and music Composer
  • Armande – Percussion and Bass
  • Fernando – Violin,Acoustic Guitar, Bouzouki
  • Jose Luis – Bagpipes, Whistles, Hurdy Gurdy and Flutes
  • Marta – Violin


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