Visioni Gotiche – “Cancellata del tempo” (2012)


Independent Release

Review by Luisa Mercier

Visioni Gotiche is a dark-horror Italian band that has already released four records and several soundtracks for indie horror movies. “Cancellata del tempo” has been self-released by their own choice and it is not easily labelled. It mixes different genres like gothic metal and ambient with prog and new wave influences. The atmospheres are quite gloomy, thick and lead the listeners into another temporal and spacial dimension that recalls other Italian groups like Jacula.

The album is based on a concept written by the keyboardist Roby Tav. The story tells of a very beautiful girl kidnapped by the local lord who tortures her. She will be helped by a handmaid to find some old magic books and eventually find revenge and her true love. The opener is the title-track played by Andrea Cardellino from doom band Impero delle Ombre that sets the mood of the record.

Most of it is made of tracks that go from progressive to more darker ones, with lot of spoken parts that let us follow the story of the girl. But what stroke me the most was the only non Italian song, “Sensations”, that is more ambient, electronica oriented with no guitars. It was lovely and I appreciated it more than the rest, if I have to be honest. I would like to listen to something along that lines in the future, they seem to have some potential.

Rating – 65/100



  1. Cancellata dal Tempo
  2. La Segregazione
  3. Rassegnazione
  4. La Sorte
  5. I Libri Segreti
  6. Sensations
  7. L’Antico Passaggio
  8. I Riti Magici
  9. La Sacra Inquisizione
  10. Il Guerriero Templare


Line Up

  • Tiziana Radis – Vocals & Lyrics
  • Michi Guer – Vocals & Guitar
  • Mattia M – Some vocals, Sampler & Effects
  • Roby Tav – Some vocals, Sampler & Mixer


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