Visioni Gotiche – “Il Segreto del Demone (The Secret of the Demon)” (2009)


Label : Note Volanti Edizioni Musicali

Review by Luisa Mercier

Visioni Gotiche (“Gothic Visions”) is an Italian project born in 2007 having as creative aim the composition of dark ambient mixed with electronics and a little bit of gothic metal. In “Il Segreto del Demone” (“The Secret of The Demon”), the music is entwined with a horror short story of the same name, which is contained in the album artwork.

Amazing decadent atmospheres, gothic scenarios and Halloween movies are the main sources of inspiration of this sort of audio-book. In the beginning two CDs should have been released separately, but now they have been released as one double album and some tracks have been rearranged to let Laura‘s vocals shine throughout it. Claudio Simonetti (composer of most of Dario Argento‘s movies soundtracks) is at the foundations of their sound and you can hear several different influences: metal, rock, progressive, ambient, horror so it is quite difficult to label it, but the result is very original and female vocals are quite versatile, beautiful and distinctive. 

Visioni Gotiche‘s music is quite simple and basic: these guys prefer to conjure up images, sensations rather than playing long technical solos or singing complicated vocalising. Very good record which will be loved not only by people into soundtrack music, but also by a wider audience!

Rating – 75/100



CD 1
  1. La Casa Del Sogno
  2. Incubo
  3. Ipnosi
  4. L’Angelo Sofferente
  5. Visioni Da Un Funerale
  6. Oscura Presenza
  7. La Ricerca Della Verità
  8. Il Rituale Nero


CD 2
  1. Il Ritorno Dell’Angelo.
  2. La Stanza Della Morte
  3. La Solitudine Dell’Anima
  4. I Custodi Del demone
  5. La Rivelazione
  6. Eterno Dolore
  7. Lacrime Di Sangue
  8. Prigionieri Del Male


Line Up

  • Laura D – Vocals
  • Michi Guer – Vocals, Sampler & Guitar
  • Mattia M – Vocals, Sampler & Keyboards
  • Roby Tav – Vocals, Sampler, Keyboards & Mixer


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