AURORA – “Running With The Wolves” EP (2015)


Label: Decca Records

Review by Alessandra Cognetta

Scandinavia seems to be endlessly endowed with talented musicians and 19-year-old Aurora Aksnes provides further evidence to support this belief. The young artist published a number of singles, collected into the EP “Running With the Wolves”. The songs show a great variety of moods and a clever use of a few elements, such as addictive, crafty vocalizations and piano, to create a distinctive style that is instantly recognizable for the listener. Still, AURORA is able to convey different moods and emotions throughout the EP, from the gloomy and ethereal “Little Boy in the Grass” to the more playful “In Boxes”. “Running with the Wolves” probably makes for the highlight of the release, with an energetic refrain that blends the accessibility of pop with haunting vocals and an overall dark feeling that permeates the whole song. AURORA’s maturity is exemplified by her lyrics, simple and often catchy, but with a deeper meaning always implied behind every verse. All in all, the EP seems to provide an amazing presentation of what AURORA can do and it only makes the listener wish for more. So, while we wait for AURORA’s anticipated full-length release, “All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend”, in March 2016, this small collection of songs is definitely a good way to start discovering and appreciating her mix of electronic and dark pop. From the looks of it, AURORA is an artist who will definitely proceed towards a stellar career and bring an outstanding contribution to music with her works.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Runaway
  2. Running With the Wolves
  3. In Boxes
  4. Little Boy in the Grass

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