Interview by Miriam Cadoni

Photo by Akash Hans/Ritual Noise

After the successful second full-length “Trials and Tribulations” released back in 2019, Chicago goth metallers are back with the standalone single and video “Falling Away” that openly deals with personal struggles. However, this song is part of a major goal and project: seeking to affect change in people’s lives through music. It seems a big challenge to achieve but let’s know more about the band and its ideas with the singer Audrey Queen. Enjoy!

Hi Audrey, welcome to Femme Metal Webzine. How are you and how this precarious and strange period is treating you?

Hello. I am doing fine. This has been a strange time. Life has been different with shows, recording, and just living life in general. But we are trying to do as much as we possibly can so that when everything is ready to come back to life we will be right there ready to go. 

First of all, for who’s not familiar with Bullet to the Heart would you like to tell us how the band got together?

Draven and I were playing shows together and we had the amazing opportunity to see our guitarist perform by himself at a show one day and we looked at each other and said we need this guy in our band. He was eccentric, independent, and multifaceted. Once we got him he said he had a friend who was really good at bass and after auditioning our bassist he completed the lineup we were looking for.

On November 20th, you have released your standalone single “Falling Away”. What can you share about its general production?

In regards to “Falling Away” I wanted to get across a strong sense of what losing oneself was about. Enveloping this feeling of hopelessness and wanting to find your way out of yourself. With the band and our team we created the best representation of that. 

Accompanying the single, there is also its video. What would like to tell me about the main idea about the video itself and how it’s connected to its lyrics?

When I envisioned a video for this I wanted to make sure that it was chaotic. Portraying oneself losing an inner battle but in the end finding that piece of you that just holds on. It’ll always be a struggle. The inner war with your demons never ends. But for split seconds at a time you find yourself and you grasp onto that and feel accomplished. 

Photo by Akash Hans/Ritual Noise

Behind the idea of the band, there is an attempt in seeking out “to affect change in people’s lives through music”. Considering how complicated might be today’s society, how much has the band achieved so far?

We have gone further than I could have ever possibly imagined. As we gain experience, knowledge, and overall confidence in ourselves we seem to make it further and further. Nothing is going to stop us. A hurdle comes in our way we jump it, a pothole we fill it, hard times we stick together and build each other up. With a cover, a few singles, a few albums, as well as gaining so many fans, family, bloodline, there is endless possibilities for us. 

In 2019, Bullet to the Heart has released your second album “Trials and Tribulations”. Would you like to recall more details about its production? And how was its feedback?

That album was a hard one to write for me. I wanted it to encompass different situations in life that people have had to face. Overdose, suicide, divorce, life and death, anything that anyone has struggled with in their lives I wanted to make sure I grasped that.

I’ve been through many trials in my life and I’ve overcome them with perseverance, friends, family, my bloodline, have all helped me get to where I am today. And remind me to never give up. I felt it was well perceived because it could any and every soul who just listened to the message. And hopefully let them know that they are not alone.

What does the future hold for Bullet to the Heart and how has the pandemic impacted your original plan?

I think the future holds many more albums, songs, shows, and a growth in our fan base the bloodline. The pandemic has slightly changed our plans but we took that change and started firing on other cylinders to make sure that we are keeping up and making music for our fans. Like I said earlier nothing is going to stop us. This is only going to make us stronger. 

So, Audrey, we’re at the end of the interview. Please feel free to say hi to your fans and our readers.

Hello everyone, I’m Audrey Queen frontwoman of Bullet to the Heart. I love you all dearly and I hope the new year brings me back to all of your beautiful souls. I miss you more than words can explain but we need to get out of this safely and healthy!

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