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“Soma” is simply a great album, which we encourage you to listen. Having already listened to Windhand‘s work before (their split with Cough) we decided this time to ask directly to their singer, Dorthia, to tell us something about their album. Here are the results!
Hi Dorthia! We’re extremely pleased to have you here! My first question is about your stunning first album, “Soma”. Can you just introduce us to it? Give us an overview, before getting into more specific question?

“Soma” is actually our second album, we put out a self titled album in March of 2012. “Soma” is a little more rock than the first one, however I think its heavier because its got a darker, moodier feel to it.

Do you have a favorite song from “Soma”, maybe a song with a special meaning behind? 

“Boleskine” is my favorite song on “Soma”, it definitely is meaningful to me but I’d rather keep it to myself.

Did you have a major source of inspiration while you were writing this album?

Vocally/lyrically all the songs are rooted in real life stuff I was dealing with at the time.

Let’s talk about the most complex song from “Soma”: “Boleskine”. First, what does “Boleskine” mean? And, how did the idea of having a 30 minutes song in “Soma” come to you? Was it the result of a jam session, or did someone show up and say: “Hey, why don’t we put an incredibly long song in“Soma”?

We never had the intention of writing a long song. Garrett had written a few riffs of it on the acoustic guitar and when we began jamming on it as a band it just grew and grew.

In general, as a band, what are your biggest sources of inspiration? Do you get inspiration only from other artists, or maybe also from books, or movies (for example for the lyrics)?

Of course we are inspired by other musicians, but everyone has a lot of outside interests as well. I would say that nature and forces of nature as well as life experiences are big influences for us while writing.

How is the tour going so far? We’ve seen that you have one gig per day during september (and not only)! Are you liking it so far, or maybe there are times when you’re like “Oh, how I wish I could be in my bed with a cup of tea doing nothing, just for one day!” ?

This tour is going pretty well, sometimes its tiring but I honestly love it and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

How was collaborating with Cough for the EP “Reflection of the Negative”?

It was a lot of fun, we’ve all been friends for years and practice in the same building so it was probably only a matter of time before we did something together.

Talking about you, Dorthia, what’s your story? When did you start singing?

I started singing and playing guitar and writing songs when I was 14. I still do my acoustic stuff on the side which is sort of how Evergreen came about.

We know that the musical career isn’t the easiest one (at all). What was the thing that made you keep on going, until the creation of your wonderful album? Was it just willpower, or maybe someone who kept encouraging you, or else?

It’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. I don’t think the thought of doing anything else had even occurred to me for the longest time.


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