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Interview by Miriam C.

Spain’s Lizzies can be the next big thing and their debut “Good Luck” (released via The Sign Records) shows off “their fierce brand of hard-hitting heavy metal mixed with a ton of swagger and attitude”, as Tony admits in his review published a while ago. It’s crystal clear that this all-female band can recall classic bands such as Girlschool and Rock Goddess but we’re sure there’s more that Lizzies can unveiled thanks to their musical genuineness. Until that, take some time to read this interview with the singer Elena and then if she has convinced you, go straight at your local shop and make yours “Good Luck”.

Hello dear Elena, welcome to Femme Metal Webzine, how are you?

Hi! It is my pleasure to talk with you!

Back in April, Lizzies have released via The Sign Records their debut “Good Luck”. For our readers that don’t know your history, would mind to tell us how you got together?

It all started with our mutual friend Ruben, we were at a party in a house when he told me that Patricia and Marina, who already had the band, were looking for a singer. I just couldn’t believe it, because I really wanted to sing with them. So I managed to get an audition, and the rest is history, like they say. Saray joined afterwards, thanks to a common friend who pointed her out when we were looking for a drummer. What a lucky strike that was.

As said before, “Good Luck” represents your debut album and I’m sure that many of our readers, after reading the review of our editor Tony awhile back, would like to know more about its genesis, so how was the album created?

Patricia, the guitar player, is the mastermind when it comes to write songs. She always comes up with the riffs and then we all work out the songs together from there; I like trying different melodies, Marina always finds the perfect bass lines and Saray simply operates her magic with the drums. It comes out very naturally.

Taking a trip down a memory lane, what can you recall about the first meeting with The Sign Records bosses when you signed the deal with them?

We got really excited when we first heard about their interest; we are such a small band, but they loved the material from the start and trust us and wanted to put the album out. It was simply amazing. They like what we do and we are very happy to work with them.

The press release describes the sound of Lizzies with the following definition: “the aggression and melodic edge of NWOBHM with a punk attitude” but how do you manage to blend fairly between these two musical elements? And isn’t there any risk that the band can repeat themselves?

The truth is that we wouldn’t know how to describe our music or how to label it under one genre. Musically speaking, I believe we sound like hard & heavy with an 80s reminiscence with very punk live attitude, very straightforward, with that same kind of  ‘I don’t give a hit’ attitude that Motorhead had. We give it all onstage, and the way we do it makes us different from other bands around.

The album was recorded and produced by Ola Ersfjord at Moontower Studios in Terrassa and Cuervo Studios in Madrid during August 2015. How was it working with him?

It was an amazing experience for all of us and we learned a lot. We were pretty nervous about recording our first real album and he managed to made us feel very comfortable and relaxed. He is a super professional and lovely guy who helped us big time. We are really thankful for everything he did.

“Phoenix” was chosen as the first single and it was published as a lyric video on YouTube. Do you have any specific insight to share about this song?

The song is basically dedicated to all the people who talks shit about us. It’s intended to be a fist in the face for all of them.

The artist Mario Riviére has handled for the second time the complete artwork and he did come up with an impressive and straight-in-your-face cover. In your opinion, what does this fortune-teller really want to tell us?

It’s kind of a tribute to the Big‘s Zoltar and it means many different things to us, like destiny and what it holds for all of us. I believe it *gathers pretty fine the general meaning of all the songs in the album because in the lyrics there is a mirror maze, an eight ball, dreams and a whole unknown world to be unveiled.

In support of “Good Luck”, you’ve published “Mirror Maze” as a second single and consequently its promoclip. Would you like to disclose more about this song and the video?

“Mirror Maze” was one of the first songs of the album. I think it made quite a difference for us as a band because it made us more mature musically speaking. It’s a very subjective song because everyone in the band understands it in a different way, and same goes for the people, but generally speaking, it speaks about the moments when we feel lost and trapped and what’s left when the show is over. The video was made by the guys in Holy Cuervo and it turned out really great. We wanted it to look classic, and also  we wanted to pay some kind of tribute to the “Labyrinth” movie. We think that the meaning matches the song perfectly.

Where your fans can catch you in the next days? Do you have any plans for a full EU tour?

We have recently played 15 dates together with Dead Lord and Night Viper in October and we are really thrilled about it. It was our first tour abroad onwhich we took the occasion to present the album. We felt like we’ve really done a killer work, so we have definitely given all we got, and more. Thank you very much for thinking about me/us for an interview and your interest towards the band. It’s been a pleasure to talk to you and I really hope we do it again in the future. See you very soon on the road. Big kiss to everyone involved and those reading this interview. Keep Rocking!





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