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Interview by Matteo Bussotti

After some years of stop due to a line up change, Solisia are back with a masterpiece published on 2012 via Scarlet Records called “UniverSeason”. Their third album sees the debut of the new singer, Elie Syrelia and for this reason, we’ve reached her and asked her some questions about her background, “UniverSeason” and how she got the singer spot in the band. Enjoy!
Hello Elie! We are so glad to have you here on Femme Metal! How is the public reacting to your latest album “UniverSeasons”, which came out about 2 months ago?

Hello Matteo, thank you for this interview! Everything seems to be going well and we are very happy with the outcome.

This is your first album with Solisia, what do you think about it? Did you write your own lyrics, or maybe took part in some instrumental sessions, giving your suggestions to the band?

“Univereasons” is like a son. The band have sent me the instrumental tracks and I fallen in love with their sound. I was so inspired by the music of this guys that I’ve composed and recorded all the vocal melodies in about 3 months. Then we have chosen the message to send to tthe people and I started to write the lyrics.

How’s in general, the relationship among the members of the band? Does everyone have a particular job to do, or do you exchange ideas, in a “brainstorm” way?

First of all we are as a family and even though we live in different cities we are very close. We call each other every day not only to talk about music. We often do brainstorming sessions where any idea, no matter how absurd, can and should be suggested. Here, we can defining the big, bold objectives that will shape our work!

Before being part of the band, were you a friend of someone from Solisia? Or maybe…you achieved the dream of every music fan: you were a fan of the band and you got the chance to actually play in it?

In 2010 I met Andrea in Belgium during the PPM Fest. He was playng there with DGM and we talked about music for 2 days! We became good friends and in 2011 he told me about Solisia project.

We can say Solisia has been pretty lucky with producers’ reception: they recorded their first demo in March of 2007 and they signed a contract with Inferno Agency for promotion. After that, they signed a contract with Underground Label for their first album. Many good bands have to wait much longer to even get the slightest attention, while Solisia immediately caught the producers’ attention (Congratulations to you). In your personal experience, how has it been the relation with your producers? Do they impose you lots of boundaries, or do they show trust in what you do, and let you free to “wander” where you want in your songs?

Thank you for the congratulations! Scarlet Record works very hard to promote its bands and fortunately we have no limits imposed !! Every producer should let the bands free to express themselves with their music.

One last question about “UniverSeasons”: what’s your favorite song from the album, and, if you have one, your less favorite, and why? Do you feel you could have done something more with your album, or are you keeping something for the next releases?

I love all the songs but especially “Kiss the Sky”, “The Guns Fall Silent” and “Betrayed by Faith” for their mood. Nothing is perfect but me and the rest of the band are very pleased with “Universeasons”. It’s like we expected! Anyway we have new songs for the next album that will shock our fans!!

Now some personal questions: you are a vocal coach at Stazione Musica at Civitavecchia. How’s your teaching? I mean, do you usually stick to the “technical part”, or do you try to share with your students all the emotions that go into singing?

 The mission of Stazione Musica is “teach from the heart” and I totally agree with this way of thinking. With my students I put the “technical part” to use in talent to express their soul and their uniqueness and I love to do it!

Can you recall the exact moment when you decided: “Screw everything else, I want to be a singer!” ?

As a child I knew I wanted to make music, to perform and to impress people with music. I always loved to sing but I preferred to play piano. When I was 16 I played keyboard in a band and the singer went off before our first performance. So my band said to me: “You have to sing!!”. I was terrified on stage until I started to sing. There are no words to explain what I felt ‘cause something magic happened inside of me. In that exact moment I thought to myself: “I will be a singer!!”.

Since the music situation in Italy is definitely bad, have you ever thought about going abroad, maybe somewhere where musical talent is actually awarded publicly?

For now I like live here because I love Italy and I hope that the situation will be better! However It would be great to performance in other countries so Solisia could have the opportunity to reach more people with our music!

Last question: do you have any personal project which may see the light in the near future, or are you focusing on Solisia?

I believe in Solisia so I’m focusing only on this project. I want to reach and “kiss the sky” with this band!!

Thank you so much Elie for your time and your answer! We hope to see you soon in concert with Solisia!

Pleasure is all mine! Thank you for your sincere interest in Solisia and I hope to see you soon too!!


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