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EMILY WOLFE – Looks Like a Breakthrough

Austin-based rock singer/songwriter/guitarist Emily Wolfe with the brand new album “The Blowback”. Words: Miriam Cadoni

Austin-based rock singer/songwriter/guitarist Emily Wolfe with the brand new album “The Blowback”. This fourth album sees the artist for the first time taking the reins of the production in complete solitude. Also, it sets sonically and lyrically the boundaries forward. To discover more about her brand-new LP, we talked with Emily. Check out Emily Wolfe‘s “The Blowback” here!

Photo by Jackie Lee Young
Photo by Jackie Lee Young

Emily Wolfe produces herself in “The Blowback”

Hi Emily, first of all, thank you so much, and welcome to Femme Metal Webzine. How are you?

I’m great. Quite excited about the release of my new album, “The Blowback”. I’m at home after some touring.

Your new album “The Blowback” was released back on October 20, 2023. When did you realize that it was the proper moment to record this material? What about its production?

It was fun. It was the funniest album production so far. I produced this album all by myself. During the recording, I experimented a lot with guitar tones, drum tones, and microphone techniques. I felt ready for this step because I learned a lot from the past collaborations with my previous producers. I’m proud of that.

It’s the first time that you took control of everything, from the recording to the self-release. Why did you opt for this choice? In a way, weren’t you scared by the responsibility?

Besides the distribution that has been taken care of by Crows Feet Records and The Orchard, it was exciting to have all the control in my hands because in the past it hasn’t been that way. As an artist, it was an experience that I needed. It helped me to feel much more confident in my abilities.

This choice speaks for itself and I’m sure it represents a bold step forward. Which the lesson that you have learned from this experience?

What I’ve learned from it is to trust myself creatively. It’s quite easy to be sidetracked by someone’s else opinion. It was inspiring to work alone and it gave me much more confidence in my abilities. Probably from the next album, I’ll surely choose to do the same. And at this point, there’s nothing in the way between me and the listener.

Photo by Jackie Lee Young

Impacted by the current society

Besides all, Emily Wolfe ‘s”The Blowback” represents a step forward in your artistic maturity as a songwriter. For the first time in your discography, “The Blowback” features also politically charged lyrics. If compared to the previous album, what has triggered this change?

I think what has triggered this change is my sudden urge to write about American politics. And the will to speak about the current events that have been succeeding in American society. As far as personal relationships, a lot of things have happened during these couple of years which I need to talk about for healing. When I listen to the album back to back, I hope that people can feel empowered by it because it’s the same feeling that I felt while creating this album.

Taken from Emily Wolfe new album“The Blowback”, we have the singles “Walk in My Shoes”, “Dead End Luck” and “Silencer”. What led you to choose these powerful songs as the opener singles? Isn’t it too confronting to sing and speak about these songs?

Yes, it’s difficult to sing these songs. Especially for “Silencer” but at the same time, it’s exciting because, at the same time, it feels like I can be vulnerable in front of people. In the end, it’s about what an artist does. I picked those songs because their lyrics are bold and memorable. In place to talk about it, I’d rather always sing about it. Maybe I would be able to impact the world in some capacity. Also, those three singles are my favorite songs on the record.

Emily WolfeEpiphone special collaboration and upcoming touring

I know that you have 2 signature guitars with Epiphone/Gibson. The one that has been recently commercialized this summer is called The White Wolfe. What can you tell me about this collaboration?

So, The White Wolfe is the white version of the previous signature. It’s the same guitar in a different color. It was cool to design them. I guess the first signature did well when Epiphone decided to produce a second color. They have been supporting me throughout my career. And I love playing their instruments.

It’s recent news that you are heading to the West Coast for a tour with Black Joe Lewis. Then, in March 2024, it will follow a European tour supporting The Gaslight Anthem. What are your expectations from both tours?

I’m excited about the West tour because it’s complicated to arrange something from Texas. I usually don’t tour as much on the West Coast because of the distance. For Europe, I never played there extensively for a complete month. So, I am about to play for a whole new audience. I’m sure that will be fun and exciting. And I hope that progresses my career in a big way.

Unfortunately, this was my last question. Please free to conclude the interview as you wish. Thank you again.

Thank you. Thanks for having me.

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