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Interview by Tony Cannella

From Baltimore, MD., Bad Seed Rising was formed in 2012. The band is quite young as in teenager young. BSR is comprised of vocalist Francheska Pastor, guitarist Mason Gainer, Aiden Marceron on drums and the quartet is rounded out by bassist Louey Peraza. Despite their young age they have already released three EPs with their latest “A Place Called Home” put out by Roadrunner Records. I’m sure the young age of Bad Seed Rising will be the main focus of some and it shouldn’t be. The fact is “A Place Called Home” is a seriously ferocious offering and one that is currently dominating my playlist. Lead vocalist Francheska Pastor recently took some time to answer a few questions and tell us a little about what is going on in the world of Bad Seed Rising.

Thank you for doing this interview for Femme Metal, Francheska!

Of course! Thank you for having me!

You have just released your new EP, “A Place Called Home”. For those who haven’t heard it, how would you describe it?

A lot of high energy and real pissy… haha

How does the songwriting work within the band?

Our songwriting process goes along the lines of someone bringing in a riff, and then everyone vibes off of it. We work around it. It’s like a fun essay, you gotta think of a strong intro, outro and try to make certain pieces fit together and have it make sense. I normally go in with lyrics and melodies once the song is done.

The song that stood out the most for me was “Six Feet Below”. What can you tell us about the lyrics to that one? By the way, the chorus to this song is so addicting. It just sticks in your head long after you’ve heard it for the first time.

Thank you! I would say “Six Feet Below” is pretty much about an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship. Keep in mind this relationship isn’t solely about a romantic relationship; it can be applied to any types. It goes back and forth from me trying to make amends with this person, yet this person isn’t willing to apologize. They’re only trying to make me believe I was the only one at fault. Which is difficult. Because I’m willing to make it work, but I can’t completely be okay with it if this person doesn’t realize their mistakes. The chorus calls them out on it, and towards reaching the turnaround I realize that I don’t need this person. They’re just pushing me down deeper and deeper. Holding me back from growing into the person I’m supposed to become.

Another song that I loved is “Mess”. What can you tell us about that one? It definitely is one of the heavier ones.

Thank you! That’s one of my favorites too cause it’s heavier than the rest! Hahaha, I’m sick of songs about damn relationships, but I somehow ended up making another one. But they’re just a part of life, and there’s really no escaping them. “Mess” is also about another failed relationship. Well, a compilation of a bunch of them. I normally fall too fast and way too hard (but I’ve gotten past that because I don’t really mess with relationships anymore) for myself and just get stranded without reason. I always try to it play off as a cool kid that doesn’t give a fuck about anything (which I suck at by the way), but in reality I’m an incredibly sensitive, exposed nerve. This song starts off super pissy, calling out the dude who consciously fucked me over. Then comes the part of denial where I play it off cool, saying I don’t need them, but the chorus just kinda unravels how I’m really feeling. It’s really just a push and pull of my mindset saying that I’m okay, but I’m not.

“A Place Called Home” is from the song “Mess”. Why did you decide to use this as the EPs title?

We decided to use that, because my favorite line from the entire EP is “deep inside this hole is a place called home”. I have an over attachment to that lyric because of the emotional weight I’ve embedded in it. I’ve spent a lot of time adrift and alone, and it terrified me. And no matter who I was with, I felt isolated. I started going numb, and just let life pass me by. I spent a majority of my life in a void. Then about a year ago I started finding myself; I became self-aware. I realized how I felt and started digging my way out of it. That line was written in an in-between time for me, where I was trying, but also accepting the fact where I am in my mind. I figured I was gonna be there for a while, so might as well make it comfortable.

I think I read somewhere that BSR was the youngest band to be signed by Roadrunner in that label’s history. That is really incredible. How mind-blowing is it to be this young and have a record deal?

Yeah! Crazy right??? It’s so rad, and I’m very humbled and grateful to be signed with Roadrunner!

You have actually released three EPs. When can we expect a full-length album from Bad Seed Rising?

Very soon hopefully! It’s hard to sell LP’s nowadays, but we’re pushing for it! We’re actually heading out to studio 606 where our first EP was recorded, and writing more songs!!

When did the members first meet and what made you decide to form a band together?

I met Mason and Aiden about 5 years ago when we were in different bands! They were in a cover band together, but they wanted to branch off and create an original band. They asked me to join, and that’s when I met Louey!

Do you have any touring plans coming up for the future?

Yes we do, and I’d love to tell you, but they’re unannounced! Just keep a look out for them on the social media!

Who are some bands that have influenced you along the way?

Well, it started with Green Day, and then I fell in love with A Day to Remember and eventually it started to expand to where I am now. Bands such as Issues, The Struts, Pierce the Veil, Tyler, The Creator, Being as an Ocean, Basement, Dance Gavin Dance, Citizen, Letlive and a bunch more.

We’ve come to the end of the interview Francheska. Thank you for answering these questions. Congratulations on a great EP and Femme Metal wishes the band all the best for the future. In closing, do you have any final messages for our readers to close this out? Thanks again!

Thank you very much! And for the readers, don’t let a dumbass relationship hold you back. If they’re making you unhappy, being manipulative, and dragging you down, cut em loose. You don’t need them. Just remember you’re just as small as the problems that you let go to your head. Spend more time working on yourself, your passions, and those who truly love you. Just because someone says they love you doesn’t mean they do. Love yourself and soon you’ll understand what you deserve. Stay strong ya hoodrats.


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