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Interview by Miriam C.

Commercial choices sometimes are a little pandering and they cannot and must not be discussed, as it’s necessary for the success of a whole project. Pursuing The End from Italy is the perfect example of this, due to the change in the music sound, now based on the metalcore genre. We had the pleasure to exchange some chats with Giacomo and Chiara, the singers, that explained us the latest news about their band.
Hi Chiara, hi Giacomo, welcome to Femme Metal. Let’s begin our chat talking about your debut album. It’s called “Symmetry Of Scorn” and it’ll be out soon. Would you mind sharing some details with us? Let’s start from the album title…

Hi to all the readers of Femme Metal from us and the rest of Pursuing The End’s family. Our debut album is called “Symmetry Of Scorn” and it will be out September the 10th, via Bakerteam Records. This album was recorded at Sliver Music Studio in our hometown (Parma) with the participation, for the second time during our career, of Mike Lunacy as artistic director. The album title, well… it was something that came out at the end of the recording process, initially the first title we thought of was “Something Remains” (like the second track of it), eventually while listening to the final master we felt like something was missing, we wanted to enlighten more the great opposites in our music (as first the two different style of vocals: growls and female pop-cleans), and the great emotional spectrum in our lyrics, a sort of inner conflict between different feelings. “Symmetry Of Scorn” means all of this: an inner state in which there is no good or evil, just our fragile soul, that constantly fights against itself.

The art work is striking as well. Would you tell us something about it? Who designed the cover? What does it want to represent?

The cover was designed by a young Italian talended graphic designer, Stefano Mattioni aka Viron 2.0, and it tries to get an image of what “Symmetry Of Scorn” is. Tons of different colors have been used in order to symbolize all the features human emotions present.

I know that during the composition of this record a lot of things happened… the biggest thing that some have noticed is a big change in the lineup. A few months ago your previous singer and your previous keyboard player have both parted ways with the band and some others did the same. Could you please tell us what happened?

While composing the debut album, and after the previous work, we came to a point when we needed to decide how Pursuing The End’s music was going to sound, in our first official huge studio effort. And, as often happens inside bands, unfortunately we were not going toward the same artistic direction.

A few months ago you’ve announced the entry of Chiara as well as the new singer. Chiara, would you mind to introduce yourself for those people who still don’t know you?

Hi folks! My name is Chiara and I’m an Italian operatic and modern singer. When I was 12, I started my musical studies in electric and classic guitars, so at 16 I discovered my strong passion for the voice and I began to undertake the way of Opera singing and piano, that still continues. In recent years I have opened my horizon even to the modern singing… and I am passionate also to that! Actually I work for the Opera theaters, vocal coaching and in ambient music for the UK label “North 2 North”, I’m working also on my metal projects and in international rock-metal discography a bit all over the world… new productions coming soon!!! In February 2013 I sailed on the ship of Pursuing the End and immediately I entered the recording studio for the production of the album. I’m so proud to be with these young, enterprising and enthusiasts guys just like me, I was very well received among them and we all have much desire to create good music together. In the end…what I can say again???I love sing…this is all my life…I think there’s no limits to learning music, despite 10 years of classical studies, I’m just beginning this beautiful journey into the metal scenery and I would like to learn more and more!

Listening to the record, I’ve noticed a big change in sound terms compared to the EPs you’ve released, “Withering” and “Dawn Of Expiation”. What does it lie behind this change? Has it something to do with the episodes occurred with the band?

Different artists have different souls… We enjoyed first musical experiences very much, but at the same time felt the necessity to elaborate a new kind of music that we could feel it is our own. So we decided to try to take what we loved of our previous works, mix it with new musical inspirations in a more riff-oriented sound.

What could you say about the writing and composition process for this record? Has your new guitarist, Thomas Pipitone, got the chance to give his contribution?

Davide (the main composer and the guitar player) worked hard with Mike Lunacy for the composition of this album. After that the new line-up got together and personalized the pieces with further arrangements. The final result is what you will listen to on September 10th, and of course in our brand new videoclip “Cage of Hypocrisy”.

On the occasion of the performance you played in Soragna last October you’ve introduced three new tracks to the audience, two of them have been included in the debut album (“Out Of Control” and “From The Ashes”). How come have you decided not to include “Long for you” as well?

The track called “Long For You” was recorded as well, but was called “All This Time” and it will be released as bonus tracks in future limited editions.

This question is for Giacomo only: what could you say about that night? It was a big chance to introduce your music to an audience who do listen to metal music and also to the ones who are not very used to this music. How did you live it?

It was stunning to have the occasion to play in a theatre. The audience was full of people that used to listen to our music, but at the same time was full of Metal “newbie”. The theatre was sold-out, and we had a thrilling night for sure! We was partially scared at the beginning…

Will we be able to see you performing in a theater again?

We don’t know now, but never say never… We are focusing on planning a intense live activity to promote “Symmetry Of Scorn”, if there could be the possibility for sure we will do it once again!

How difficult is, for an Italian band, to get some recognition both in Italy and abroad? How much work is needed before getting good results?

It is very difficult at the beginning, but with social networks it become more easy. We are feeling so lucky for all the people around the world that give us support, to a underground band like us!

Talking about live activities, have you already scheduled some date in your country?

We are planning an intense (as well as possible) live activity, we are going to plan a “Symmetry Of Scorn” release party for the month of October, and then some gigs in Northern Italy. For January 2014 we will bring our music abroad, in Eastern Europe. Follow our social networks and website to further details…

Now that the album is going to be released, have you planned something new?

We’ve begun the songwriting process for the followers of “Symmetry of Scorn”, a lot of new energies and inspirations are with us, and we have already composed five tracks. Before the end of the year we will come back in studio to record a new promo for our upcoming studio work. Meantime, soon it will be released a guitar play trough, and other surprises…

Thanks for your time guys. If you want to leave a message to our readers and PTE fans…

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