GLIMMERS – An interview with Maggie Schneider


Interview by Miriam Cadoni

Photo by Sophie Harris

At the base of glimmers there’s a sincere and honest friendship because without these two elements, the band would haven’t existed. The Atlanta-based alternative rock-pop band was initially born as a support band for the singer’s solo project but after all, it grow into something special and magic. So far, the quintet has released 1 EP back in 2020 called “Cluttered Heart” and despite the times, glimmers will release their second EP “Worlds Apart” today. Let’s learn about these newcomers through the words of the singer Maggie Schneider.

First of all, Maggie, welcome to Femme Metal Webzine. How are you and how these precarious days are treating you? 

Thank you for having me her. Despite all, I’m fine. In regards of this year, well, it has been pretty crazy but we’re just trying out to stay busy by releasing music that can make people happy.

So, we feel fortunate that we are healthy and safe and we are just hoping that things become a bit more normal soon. 

For the readers that are not familiar with glimmers, would you like to introduce us how the band come together? 

Yes, of course. So, we started glimmers back in July 2020 as my backing band because I was a solo artist before the band formed. Throughout the years, we played acoustically in venues but I really wanted to be in a band and play music with my best friends.

Actually, I have luckily met my band mates through different bands, projects and mutual friends. So, in July, we decided to release our music under this new moniker and I’m super-excited about it because it truly feels like a family. Indeed, it’s much more funnier doing with them than on my own.  

Recently, you have released your first EP “Cluttered Heart”? . Even though, really soon it will be followed by your upcoming second EP, would you mind to spend a couple of words about it?  

Absolutely. So, “Cluttered Heart” is the first EP that we have released back in October 2020. It’s a collection of 4 songs that talk about relationships and many different experiences that I’ve been through while I was growing up. Indeed, we wanted to capture a lot of different feelings.

From this EP, the song “Don’t Tell Me” is one of my favorites which about yourself letting be who you are and don’t let people dictate who to be. Then, as my favorites, we have “For Me, It’s You” which is a more upbeat love song. In essence, we wanted to have a bit of variety and the reason for naming it like that is because all those different emotions that I’ve mentioned before.  

As I have anticipated in the previous question, your début EP will be followed by the second one, “Worlds Apart” which will be released on the 23rd of April. Would you mind to share some insights about its production? Also, how glimmers managed to put together in such a short time this material and how it connects with the previous one? 

It’s really good question. Thank you. Actually, we have recorded these songs at the same time and that made us feel quite lucky to have such a substantial amount of material. Even before glimmers came alive, so, more than 1 year ago, I was wondering how to successfully planning the release of this material. Then, I’ve realize that the 5 songs on our upcoming EP “Worlds Apart” could totally connect from its beginning, so, from our single “Not Good at Goodbyes” to its end.

In fact, we decided to split the songs in the two different EPs in order to have both their separate storylines. Naturally, we are so really excited about “Worlds Apart” because each song on it has its own music video and they represent each, a new episode of this long story. Personally, as a musical theatre kid, I really love concept albums and I’m all about creating bigger stories through our music. Indeed, it was quite fun to piece all together in way that all the recorded songs connect to the bigger picture. 

This new upcoming EP will be released via Common Ground Collective. Would like to tell us how this partnership started, how and when the first approach happened and how is going so far with them? 

Actually, they’re like family and we feel so happy and fortunate to collaborate with them. Indeed, I met Brittany and Catherine about 6 years ago when my project was in its early stages. So, they found my music online, we became friends and we just kept in touch all these years. Throughout the years, they helped me out in several ways: for example, by taking care of the merch or by giving me an advice on both my music and certain situation too. 

Therefore, when we had all this music recorded, I sent it over to them to see if they would be interested to working with us. Fortunately, it did worked out. They proved out to be quite supportive and wonderful in our musical adventure. Also, it makes feel me happy to work with label run by women be especially in glimmers, we love girl power. So far, it has been such a fun and creative process and they are all in that.  

Photo by Sophie Harris

The upcoming EP “Worlds Apart” was introduced by the acoustic version of “No Good at Goodbyes”. First, why did you choose this song to be reworked as an acoustic version and then, which personal meaning hold for you this song? 

Thus far, this is my favorite song that I’ve written and it’s very personal to me. Indeed, “Not Good at Goodbyes” relates with my  difficulty to say goodbye to people who I care about, whether is just for the night, so, for s great memory or if it’s for saying it forever to someone. This single has been composed as a confession of feelings because I’m someone who can express herself best through music only.

Indeed, I tend to have difficulty to express my feelings in the moment. So, the function of this song is manage to express some emotions. Then, the choice to publish an additional acoustic version because in original, “No Good at Goodbyes” was born like that, with me playing the guitar. Following it’s production, my expectation in that regard was that might turn out as a ballad instead it turned out to be a full-version with the band. 

Actually, I’m quite satisfied and happy that we modified the arrangement but our intent was also to show other hidden sides of the songs, such as the guitar stripped down version. All this, to let our listeners pick out their favorite version whatever they feel at that time. Probably, they will want this one more than the other. Despite all, we were super happy to drop both versions because we saw that the song was working either way.  

Let me please mention the amazing artworks of both EPs “Cluttered Heart” and “Worlds Apart”. In the first one, it features this girl staying in her bedroom while in the second one, we have this couple sitting on a bench in front of a mountain. How these two visuals connect between each other? 

Indeed, they do. As you said, the second one, “Cluttered Heart” represents me as a person as I’m growing up. We essentially wanted to show that through that visual. In particular, in the bedroom she lays nearby a box where we can find different pictures and memories. In fact, that represents all the emotions and all the experiences that she has collected. Instead, with “Worlds Apart”’s artwork, we wanted to introduce the main theme of the EP which is about two people growing up and figuring out what they want in a relationship.

Our main goal with this visual was to portray the idea that you can be with someone in the moment and physically but in reality, metaphorically speaking, you are more emotionally distant.  For what regards the artworks themselves, we have actually worked with the same authors which on Instagram is @neverglad. We are extremely happy to have found them and with their work on our covers because they have perfectly depicted what our songs are about. 

Before starting glimmers, you were busy with your solo career. So, I’m wondering to learn more about your past musical background and your musical adventure started? 

Sure. For what I recall, I’ve been singing since forever. For example, my first approach with music  was when, aged 4 years old, I was singing with my Barbie karaoke machine. It has always been one of my favorite things to do. Despite this, everything started by performing in musical theatres because I love acting, singing and play characters on stage. 

Actually, this experience gave me the chance to acquire the right confidence buying the stage and just have a good time while I was entertaining with the roles I was portraying. After concluded this part of my adventure, I got inspired by some singer-songwriter and pop/rock music.

For this reason, I begged my mom for some guitar lessons and then, I got even an electric piano. Logically, I then started to playing music and writing my own material. Eventually, I decided to keep on writing my own songs than portraying different characters in theatres all the time. 

Even though I love that, I come to terms with the fact that composing and playing was much more funnier than the musical theatres shows. In a way, I was lucky to have figured out in an early age because I had the chance to collaborate and write songs with a lot of friends. In the end, I have been performing for quite some time now and this is what I truly want to do.  

Photo by Smiling Art Medias

Earlier, you mentioned that for glimmers women empowerment and equal rights are really important. Considering this and the current music business environment, do you think that so far there’s still room for improvement or have we reached so far a point we’re nothing more can be done? 

Personally, there’s always room for improvement but with every year that goes by, we are gaining much more women in musical production, in engineering and song writing. You know, I’m so happy that we have such a diverse group of women to which young girls can look up to and get inspired by for their future.  

Indeed, I’m quite optimistic that things are getting better and also, I feel so lucky to be in contact with so many female artist who have inspired me in this musical journey.

As I’ve mention before, even with our label Common Grounds Collective, we collaborate with a team who is primarily made up by woman. Even if there’s a long way to go, this example shows you that we are on the right path and I’m quite proud to be part of it.  

Taking in consideration the current situation, in a medium, long term run, what are glimmers’s plan? 

We have so many many dreams. So, we cannot wait to release this EP and in occasion of this release, we may have a live streaming show in the pipeline. Additionally, we are already working on new material. Well, we are always  a few steps ahead on what we want to next.

Of course, once music will be allowed once again to play live, we’re hoping to travel as much as possible, meet a lot of new friends and lastly, for world domination [laughs]. In general, our goal is continue to make people happy.  

Unfortunately, we’re at the end of the interview. I hope you did enjoyed it and by tradition, this is the space where our interviewees take some time to greet their fans and our readers. Thank you so much.  

Thank you so much for reading this interview and for me, it means a lot to be here today. So, I really hope you’ll enjoy our music and that it’ll inspire you.

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