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Interview by Cristina Gregori

Migraine Eyes is a melodic metal band from Finland, after some changes in the line-up they have found their way. A new band able to overwhelm the audience with a lot of energy as they said “We plays and affects on stage but we’s goal is also to have fun and let the audience experience good vibes!”. We have the pleasure to interview with Heini, the singer.
Hi Heini! Welcome to Femme Metal Webzine! It’s really a pleasure talk with you!

Thank you, I’m really glad to do this interview with you.

Would you mind presenting to our readers your band with some biographical hints?

Migraine Eyes is a melodic metal band with six members that was born in 2005. Originally was named Migraine but later after some changes Migraine Eyes as a band was born.

For what I get you entered the band only 1 year ago,how was your first approach and how’s born your collaboration with Migraine Eyes?

Me, Tero and Tomi know each other way back 10 years ago since we have worked other project named ‘In Spiral‘.  I still don’t believe when Tero contacted me for being the new singer but then I laughed and thought “This is meant to happen” and now I’m so happy ’cause there’s magic and I think that all things that happens and how you meet the people it’s for a reason. I was chosen by the band on December 2011. Our first rehearsal was on December and went well, our energies were on the same level and we played our first set on “Black falls rock” in Pori. My first gig on stage was on March 2012, pretty soon therefore . We decided in Spring 2012 to record a promo album that includes 3 songs. This what’s happened before and now there is a lot to do in 2014. We are really looking forward to this because Migraine Eyes has a new fire burning and passion that is just waiting to set free.

I quote for your official site “The idea, already from the beginning was to bring together different music styles, but not to be scared of the mainstream vibes and the breath of rock spirit”. How are you able to merge all of this in your sound? I’m sure that being in a band sometimes means to be influenced each other during the writing process…

I think that energy and things can take you into the right direction. You can really put up in the sound what you wanna play, we all have our own ideas in the band and sometimes it’s not easy. I think the melody may helps us and now we have the super Lassi on keyboards, who came up with a lot of different things for the band. And now we have really everything we wanted.

Your latest release is your selftitled EP “Migraine Eyes” in 2012. First of all, can you say more about its genesis? And are in plans a to record full-lenght album?

Last year we were at studio and we had the idea to compose some new songs ,we have so different things going on. And then Migraine Eyes was chosen in RockSM 2013 among 20 Best Finnish bands. We want to play and perform female fronted metal and now our minds are set in 2014, we’re looking forward to go to the studio and record our new album that will be composed by 6 songs. After releasing the album, we will be playing live a new bunch of songs not only in Finland but also in Europe too. Our aim is to find listeners who are openminded and be welcomed by them because we have this urge to perform our material, in two words? We wanna rock the stage!

Being a self-produced band it’s not very easy, at the end you must rely on your daytime time job and dedicate your ‘spare time’ to the band and I also I realize that Finland nowadays is breeding with interesting brand new bands everyday. Do you mind to us stranger explaining how the Finnish market works and for what I know the TV and radio station heavily supports the bands, is it true?

There are out so many different kind of music and bands but if you have the idea of what you wanna do, you straight to the point . We haven’t a label and consequently any sponsor, so we have to put a lot of effort to realize our album. There are so different levels from H.I.M to other bands, because they’re so big , so I can’t say really anything about that, maybe someday I’ll will be famous as they are.

Also connected to the previous question, is it true that the Finnish government, in some ways, offers some economic support? If not in a economic way, what are the means that your government offers?

I can’t really comment it, because we don’t get any government support (NDA.Laugh).

Despite having a quite important discography, to this we can also add your first videoclip “Beyond Realm”. Do you have any fun insight to share with us about its shooting?

It was directed by Matias Nummelin and it’s located at the old swim hall, we just thought it would be a nice place because the atmosphere and everything matched perfectly with the song.

From your debut “A Ghost of Me” to your latest selftitled EP, how the band evolved musically?

Of course, now we have a woman vocalist and it changed so much, the previous singer Jani was most like rock and now we are more melodic. Lassi and Jesse came into the band, so it’s so different from “A Ghost of Me”. When we will go to the studio the songs will sound different then you can compare.

We’re at end we really thank you so much Heini, it was a pleasure talking with you!

I hope you have fun, check out our sound, listen us and we’ll offer something that you never heard before or maybe different at certain levels. I believe in our music and our main purpuose is having fun with our audience.. Stay tuned because more ME music is coming. Kiitos!


Credit Photo

Heini’s single photo by Sami Haavisto


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