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Interview by Erwin van Dijk


There are basically two branches of Black Metal: the ones with the corpse paint and great visual shows like Dimmu Borgir and Watain (but Watain is also very smelly) and the bands who compensate their lack of special effects with a cold self hatred like Skitliv and Shining. Lord Vampyr belongs to the first group. True to the genre everything seems to be shrouded in thick mists. For example, the website under construction and Myspace offers besides the names of the band members only very little info in Italian (a beautiful language but I do not speak it) but we have Wikipedia these days. Lord Vampyr (real name Alessandro Nunziati) used to be the singer of legendary Theatres des Vampires and Lord Vampyr is his solo project. This year the band has released their latest album called “Carpathian Tragedies”.

Vampires seem to be very popular these days in the cinema. Do you watch those movies yourself?

Yes, but I’m not satisfied, cause all seem like a teen-movies and not a serious movies on the world of vampires.

Most of us know you as the singer from Theatres des Vampires. But have you been active in other bands before Theatres des Vampires?

Sure, my first band was Sepolcum (then called VII Arcano). Sepolcum was one of the first death metal band from Rome, then the band became more gothic style close to Tiamat, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride.

You have been active in the music business for many years now. What are the high lights so far and what is still on your “to do” list?

If you ask me what I want to do yet, well many things. Probably put on a short project with our keyboard player, something pop-rock like 30 Seconds to Mars, The Rasmus and Muse.

As said before, you used to be the singer of Theatres des Vampires. Why did you left the band?

There were many personal problems and then on the music.

And what have you learned from your time with this band?

Definitely helped me to grow musically and to understand a little more music-business by but I was also taught to be more attentive to people that I should be involved in my projects.

You have released your latest album this year, “Carpathian Tragedies”. Did you write all the material on this album or was it teamwork?

Everything comes from me, the idea of a musical journey to the concept, but in this case the lyrics were written by my friend and I am very satisfied. But obviously each one to its problems and ultimately we can still consider it a team effort.

And what have you done different this time compared to the first album “De Vampyrica Philosophia”?

The first album was born in moments of total confusion and suffering, I found myself alone. In that album there is all the rage and disappointment for what had happened in that period. I have not tried to create an original album but an honest album.

Can you reveal some details about the songs and lyrics on “Carpatian Tragedies”?

The music is a good mix of metal, gothic and folk, the lyrics Content is focused on legends and stories from Eastern Europe and predominantly from the Carpathian.

It is clear that you are inspired by vampires in general but do you write vampire stories or do you use vampires as analogy for other problems in the real world?

No, the lyrics should be a time of fun and so no references to or attempts to make moral or otherwise.

And what are your favourite songs on this album?

“When the Death Is Not the End”

Can you introduce us to the other members of Lord Vampyr and give us maybe a short bio?

Lord Vampyr line up: Endymion (Opus Maledicta); Aeternus (Ade-Operation Genocide); Seth666 (Autoblastig Dog); Aerioch (Tyrants). I know them all (except Lady Eter) because I participated in a project called Pavor Nocturnus. They needed a singer and I have offered, then came a certain tune and I have involved in my projects, in addition we have also created a set named Nailed God. All members are coivolti in other musical projects. Lady Eter was included in the line-up at a later time, has stage presence and that’s what I needed, with regard to the vocals, take part in some songs, but its real purpose is to entertain and this thing will be more evident in the next tour where we will enter stage effects and costumes.

Do you have any plans for a tour in Europe?

For now we know that almost certainly will do a tour in the U.S. between spring and summer 2010. Thanks to you for the support and thanks to all our fans! KEEP THE THIRST ALIVE!!!



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