Ji-In Cho – And Then She Came


Interview by Miriam C.

Once upon a time the German Symphonic rock band Krypteria. We should date back to 2011 the last public appearance of Ji-In & Co. with their (final?) album “All Beauty Must Die”, now they’re back with a brand new project called And Then She Came. If you’re looking for their old lavish and rich arrangements, forget it but because ATSC has a sound more modern and essential. Let’s read together what Jin-In told us about this new musical adventure…

Hi Ji-in, welcome to Femme Metal Webzine! It passed so much time since our last interview, how are you? It’s a real pleasure to have you back here…

Yes, time passes no matter what you do …;-) Thank you – I am fine! I hope so are you?

It’s since the release of Krypteria‘s fifth (and at the moment last) full-lenght “All Beauty Must Die” that we haven’t heard any news about this fantastic band. Should we consider your adventure with Krypteria closed or simply ATSC symbolizes a new musical evolution for you and your bandmates?

I think your second guess comes close to our situation even though we didn’t plan a ‘musical evolution’. Actually we didn’t plan anything. We just found a new playground and after a while And Then She Came slowly took shape and we had to decide what to do with it.

How you, Olli, Frank and Kusch come up this brand new musical project called And Then She Came?

Actually, we chose And Then She Came because we wanted people to find their own interpretation as far as the meaning of the name is concerned. Like in life there’s always more than just one side of a story, more than just one truth behind a headline. Even with all the information out there you still have to come to your own conclusion.

Your self-titled debut was released on 24th June via DME Music. What insights can you share about its genesis?

Like I already mentioned And Then She Came grew naturally and unexpectedly. We came together because Frank called us in to work with him on a movie soundtrack. We didn’t think about Krypteria at all. And I think that was a major reason for the genesis of And Then She Came: there were no creative barriers or any demands by anyone but ourselves. We just started writing songs and this was pure fun! Then one day we had this bunch of songs that made us think about getting out again as a band.

If we set against Krypteria, And Then She Came sounds more straightforward and modern. Musically speaking, which are the common traits that ATSC could share with Krypteria?

Besides the fact that we offer the same faces we like to think that we still have good melodies. That’s really important for everyone of us.

I’ve read also that both Arch Enemy singer Alissa White-Gluz and Evanescence guitarist Jen Majura were involved respectively in “Five Billion Lies” and “Spit It Out”. How these collaborations born?

We’ve known them for a couple of years now and what I love about them is, besides the fact that both of them are very strong perfomer, that they are uncomplicated and super kind and sweet. I am very proud to have them as fantastic representatives of our gender on our album!!

I’d like to spend a couple of words on Dirk Rudolph‘s work on the cover album. Personally, what does it means for you? And how he came up with the main visual concept?

At the beginning I had a totally different idea of how we should show ourselves as And Then She Came. But fortunately Dirk came up with his idea of a bust and now I am so thankful and happy about it. I really love his sense for aesthetics. Dirk is an incredible artist and a maestro in his field.

You have currently published 2 different video clips for the singles “Hellfire Halo” and “Public Enemy #1”. “Hellfire Halo” was your first track that you have debuted with ATSC and “Public Enemy #1” keep following on the same musical path. Would you like to tell us more about these fantastic two songs and the promo clips and how your first single was received by the press and fans?

I like the stories behind these songs. “Hellfire Halo” is a song about people who are willing to give everything to get success, respect and appreciation – you can find here some intimation of men who even sold their souls to the devil. I think everyone is willing to give something to achieve his personal goal. The question is what price are you willing to pay for that? Musically I love the beginning of the song – just hearing the guitar riff makes me aware that something disastrous is coming…;-)

The idea behind “Public Enemy #1” is the frightening fact how easy it is to become a cyber mobbing victim. It has never been easier to criticize or broadcast lies in this anonymous way. It’s so disgusting that there are many people who have nothing better to do than to follow other peoples’ lives; just to point with a finger at them if they do something the pursuer doesn’t like. The variety of languages was our idea to show it’s a global phenomenon.

In addition to the previous question, do you have any nice anecdotes about the video shooting to partake with us?

Well, I claim that the net you can see in “Public Enemy #1” had its own life and I don’t remember how often I fell down because it tripped me up. That was not very helpful in the moments when I wanted to appear threatening and crazy;-)

Where your fans can catch you in the next days? Do you have any plans for a full EU tour?

This summer we will play a number of shows alongside Arch Enemy. We are looking very much forward to this. And there will be shows all over Europe but in Asia and in South America as well. We are thrilled about the fact that promoters seem to want us, especially because about two month ago nobody knew this band even existed. We want to play almost anywhere if you just let us!!;-)

So, Ji-In, it’s time for your parting words – I really thank you for your time – please greet freely our readers and your fans. Thanks again!

Guys, we can’t wait to get out and meet you. And we are very excited to learn what you think of our debut album. We love communicating with you, so if you want drop us a line or two on our facebook page, please do. Hopefully we’ll meet at an ATSC show and get a chance to chat a bit face to face. Miriam, I thank you very much for your interest and I hope to meet you someday. Just let us know if you are able to come to a show!!





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