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Interview by Miriam C.

The J-rock legends exist†trace, after the critically acclaimed mini albums previously released “Spiral Daisakusen” and “DIAMOND”, further enhance their new musical evolution with their second album “WORLD MAKER” and they introduce to their overseas fans their new line up and spills more insights about Archangel Diamond, wanna know what it is? Simply read the interview with both the singers Jyou & miko! We must thank Mr.Dave Cirone for helping us in making possible this interview!
Hi Jyou & miko, welcome to Femme Metal Webzine. How are you?

Jyou: I haven’t seen you all who are overseas for a quite a while, and I miss you, but I’m well!

miko: I’m very good, thank you!

When did you start writing the music for the new album “WORLD MAKER”? Did you try out any of the new songs live before recording them?

miko: “Antique Doll” existed already when I wrote “TRUE” but I was writing new songs even while we had already started recording the “WORLD MAKER” album. Except for the songs “WORLD MAKER” and “Imagination”, we performed all of the songs at the live shows before recording them and the fans helped us complete them.

“WORLD MAKER” and the mini albums “Spiral Daisakusen” and “DIAMOND” have introduced exist†trace‘s new concept: the dual-vocal style. How did you develop this style?

miko: I write almost all the songs for exist†trace. As I was writing them, the feeling grew stronger that “I want to express more by singing myself!” and that developed into this newer, stronger style of dual vocals with Jyou.

Jyou: When miko first told me about this, I was excited, thinking “It will be more interesting!” because exist†trace‘s range of expression would expand. Once we actually started, there were difficulties and we had some trial and error. As we kept singing together at live shows, I knew we were fitting better. Now I have fun thinking “How should the two of us sing the next song?”

Archangel Diamond [exist†trace‘s international fan club] was inaugurated this year and it’s really an awesome idea to gather together all the international fans and speak directly with them. How do you feel about this strong international support?

miko: Since we can’t go overseas to do live shows often, I’ll be happy if fans can feel close to exist†trace through the fan club! We want to stay connected in many different ways.

Do you mind tell us more about the special things you’ve been prepared for your monthly one-man shows?

miko: We have a new challenge or perform a new song every time, so the band is developing as well as the fans! Personally, I have fun by changing my outfits every time!

 Jyou: In the one-man live shows, every time we do a member introduction. Members don’t usually talk much during live shows, but that’s the time when each one speaks about their own feelings!

Please give a message for your overseas fans. Thank you very much for your time!

Jyou: Everyone, what do you think about the album “WORLD MAKER”? Please listen to the album a lot and come see our live show in Japan as well! I look forward to seeing you!!

miko: I feel that everyone overseas are also precious members of exist†trace family! Though the distance is great, we will continue delivering good music. Please support us!


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