LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT – An Interview with the artist

LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT - An Interview with the artist

Interview by Miriam Cadoni

Credit Photo by Phantasma Photography – Chris Borshowa

Canadian artist Lindsay Schoolcraft is no stranger to our pages. The last time we spoke with her was a couple of years ago. On that occasion, for the launch of her new band ANTIQVA. Now, she’s back with a new single. And with a new project exclusively available on her Patreon community. Discover more with us!

Dear Lindsay, welcome back again to Femme Metal Webzine. The last time we spoke together was for ANTIQVA and your acoustic album “World’s Away”. What happened since the last chat we had?

A lot, indeed [laughs]. I opened a Patreon which is one of the best things that I’ve ever done because I’ve been producing exclusive content. For this particular project, I’m more focused on the ethereal gothic genre. So far, it has been a fun experience.

Then, I have this new song called “Twin Flame” which was composed the last year. My Patreons enjoyed it. About this song, I’ve surprisingly come in contact with Chris. He’s a photographer and shot together its video clip. I flew out to the middle of nowhere in cold-ass North Canada for it. This experience is treating me well and I’ve been doing it in and all-around my other musical works.

As mentioned before, “Twin Flame” originates from Patreon. Essentially, what is about this song? And how the video is correlated with the lyrics?

Sure, sure. Originally, a Twin Flame is a spiritual phenomenon whose many people have experienced. It’s a sort of meeting with the half of your soul which you have been longtime separated from it. I’ve read some stories and I’ve experienced myself too. When you meet this person, you just wake up with who you are and you align yourself with this path. It can quite painful and you grow with it.

Even though they bring you the best in you, it can be quite a painful journey. As I mentioned before, I had this experience and I’m grateful for it. Due to this, this song came to me as it was supposed to happen. This song was a constant presence in my brain during the whole of last year’s summer nights. So, I decided to sit down and write it out. It developed quickly because it was meant to be. After that, my collaboration with Chris started. I sent him the song and we brainstormed over the visuals.

Each visual present in the video has its meaning. For example, the mirror represents the mirror of your soul and the fire represents the fire. He even got a model who looks like my cousin Steven because he’s 13 years old younger than me [laughs]. He played the twin flame in the video and he’s not the one in real life [laughs]. In the end, it felt so good to shoot a video with a song that I felt so passionate about it.

Well, it’s not in the realm of metal. It’s more trip-hop, darkwave, neoclassical. Then, have a music video to represent those visuals. It was really funny. You know, many of us thought that the pandemic was finishing last year. And unfortunately, it didn’t. It turned out to be hard on indiscriminately everyone. However, the fact that I was still able to travel and achieve my goal. It was indeed special.

How did your work collaboration with Chris start?

Simply, I found him on Twitter [laughs]. He actually to the official Evanescence’s Twitter profile to offer his services for video music. And, he had even posted his photography. So, I’ve gracefully interjected on his Twitter post by supporting him. Then, what simply happened is that he contacted me.

He was already familiar with my music as a fan. I love his energy. Indeed, we became homies now and in the future, we’ll keep doing more stuff together. About this, we’re already planning the next music video. Though, we don’t know when, where, and how it will happen. Eventually, it will come to be.

Without sound rhetorical, what does it means for you Patreon? How it did help you to personally push your creativity? And also, how did it help you to improve yourself?

I mean, it’s the community and the fans there. They are keeping me inspired and motivated. In this case, creativity needs discipline, if not it’s just absolute chaos. I don’t always enjoy being inside my head, it’s just a complete circus in there. However, having the discipline to make a schedule with a fixed deadline, has made it so much easier. Right now, I’m on 3 months schedule to provide a song.

Since my session work is cleared up, it can be that it can happen also in 2 months. But, so far it has been amazing. With my community I’ve been sharing the creative process, then receiving help to write their lyrics, getting their opinions and feedback. I do seriously enjoy hanging out with them. Lastly, our connection keeps me inspired and motivated. It’s nice to know that there are people right there who care about what you are working on. And be part of it.

You have recently shared a post on Facebook where you mentioned the words “courage” and “discipline”. Which meaning holds these words? And what sort of influence, do they have on you as an artist?

Indeed, these are my words for 2022. Last year, I’ve learned a lot about being a music producer which turned out to be my passion besides singing. But, this year I decided that it will be courage and discipline. For instance, I’ve been courageous enough to deal with some unexpected life changes. In the reality, courage feels like shit because nobody likes it. It’s not a fun experience.

On the other way around, courage can be beautiful and be brave. Though, I have a lot of respect for who’s it. Even if something didn’t work out and you failed, at least you dared to try. Almost anybody takes risks. After this experience, I decided to be more honest with people even if they want to listen to it or not.

You know, life is too short for promises and I’m not living anymore in fear of rejection. If I have any recrimination, I’ll just put it out on the table. And, if people won’t like that, that’s their problem. Obviously, with respect.

Instead, for what concerns discipline, I still struggle with it. I’m not a morning person. And as an artist, my creative hours are all over the place. Despite all, I still meet the deadlines. It’s supposed to mean something, right? [Laughs]. Sometimes, you have to prioritize something else to reach your goal. Rest assured, discipline is fucking hard.

LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT - An Interview with the artist
Credit Photo by Phantasma Photography – Chris Borshowa

On top of all, you are also busy working on your next full-length. What the fans should expect? And which are your expectations?

Ooh, that’s a good album. If we are referring to the Patreon album, the one with the weird musical stuff, it will come out late next year. As per my next rock album, at the moment it’s just a bunch of awful demos. I’m not ready for that yet because I feel like I played catch-up from the whole time I was creating news songs for Cradle of Filth.

But what the fans should expect, it’s the authentic me. Just a bit more greedy, heavy direction. Some songs will be more stripped-down or more amplified. This stems from my recent experiences. However these songs will turn out, I’ve been through some shit and I’ll write about it.

You have just mentioned, “I need to put out the weird stuff before the rock album”. What the heel does mean that [laughs]?

Even though the stuff I’m producing on Patreon can be considered still ethereal/gothic music, it has several musical undertones embedded in it. For example, electronic, trip/hop, and some small string sections are layered up. It’s Indeed all over the place. It’s dark, sad, happy, and epic.

But, it’s not metal. So, I’m guessing I’m going through a Kate Bush phase. I don’t know [laughs]. Though I’m having fun and my Patreons have noticed that. In the end, I’m quite excited for the fans to listen to this material. And, to see how they will react with a different artistic side of me.

This upcoming album will be exclusively released on Patreon only or through also your imprint, Cyber Proxy Records?

At first, it will be via Patreon because of the version that my community is getting right now the first version. When I’ll reach the 9 or 10 songs, I’ll share the whole producing process first on Patreon. And then publicly. So, the version that they will get is the definitive one which differs a little bit from the first one.

What then will follow is the actual release with vinyl and the whole shebang. From there, I’ll start working on my rock album once again on Patreon which they are patiently waiting for.

Lately, you have been involved in a couple of collaborations. The first one was with Sarah Jezebel Deva. And, then with Coldbound. How did everything start?

As you can see, last year for me was insane. Sarah and I connected after I left Cradle of Filth. It felt immediately good because we share some awful experiences by being in this industry. By now, she adduces me as the fautor of her coming back. But, I guess her desire to sing has been always there. Even though it took 1 year to work on that song, collaborating with her was just unbelievable. She’s an incredible singer and I love all the new stuff that she releasing with Torn Between Two Worlds.

For what concerns Coldbound, in the beginning, there was just the idea to be present on just one song. Then, somewhere through the process of the album, Liv Kristine left. Due to this happening, Coldbound proposed I become a full-time member. But, I cannot commit to another band on top of ANTIQVA. So, they hired me as a guest lead vocalist. But, in the meantime, I’ve collaborated with Cancer Bats and Myrkur. It’s fun to pop in and out of other projects but I hope that this year I’ll manage to focus more on my music [laughs].

You mentioned Myrkur, and as a listener and fan, I’m curious to learn more about it…

I simply love her. At the beginning of her career, I reached out to her and we connected. We’ve been in touch ever since. She’s such a sweet, talented, and brilliant artist. I was supposed to be featured on her last heavy album (after “M”), but then it didn’t work out. Then, at last, she got ahold of me at the beginning of the last year. Indeed, she sent me her home recording where I had the liberty to feature my harp parts. Through this experience, I grew a lot as an artist and for me, it was a dream coming true.

Unfortunately, my dear friend Lindsay, this was my last question. What the future will bring you?

This year I’ll mainly focus on finishing my Coldbound album. Then, I’ll still keep up releasing music on Patreon. I’ll manage to feature more songs as I have planned. This year I’ll also finish the upcoming ANTIQVA‘s debut album. So, this year it will be all about music.

Thank you for your time, dear. My new ending is, just leave us your message.

Always lovely to see you. First of all, I want to thank whoever cares to follow me and interact on socials. To my Patreons. And then, thank you so much for being so patient with ANTIQVA [laughs]. Your waiting will be rewarded. Lastly, I’m grateful for being so happy and loving the music. I feel lucky to share it with so many people.

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