LOUISE LEMON – Looks like a new lifetime of tears

LOUISE LEMON – Looks like a new lifetime of tears. The queen of death gospel Louise Lemon is back with a brand-new-release 4 years after the successful second LP “A Broken Heart is an Open Heart”. Learn more about it in this interview!

The queen of death gospel Louise Lemon is back with a brand-new-release 4 years after the successful second LP “A Broken Heart is an Open Heart” and the subsequent EP “Devil”. In the music industry, 4 years feels like it is a lifetime, and “Lifetime of Tears” marks a new stepping stone in the growing discography of this talented artist. Let’s discover more about her new release in this special interview.

Louise Lemon

Hi Louise, welcome back to Femme Metal Webzine. How are you? And how these four years of absence have been treating you?

First of all, thank you. It has been ups and downs. There have been a lot of changes. And the pandemic has greatly impacted me because has suddenly stopped all my musical activities. But, I’m grateful for this sudden stop because I dedicated more time to the creation and production of this album.

The production of “Lifetime of Tears”

Louise Lemon “Lifetime of Tears” will be released in February 2024. Considering the forced stop for the pandemic, how did this event impact the album? When did you realize that you had the right songs for a new full-length?

Per se, COVID hasn’t impacted me on the production of this upcoming album. Instead, it impacted the release of the previous LP because unfortunately, I had no chance to promote it live. Above all, in the same period I was facing some changes in my personal life. In all of this, COVID created a sort of vacuum where we couldn’t travel a lot.

Then, I went through a turbulent period and consequently, I started to write about it. Even if I have produced before my releases, this time it felt that I was more involved in it. I felt I had a clear direction and I could make it happen all the way through.

I had the time to listen to the singles that have been released so far. And while listening to them, I felt there’s a sort of maturity in Louise Lemon music. So, in which manner does “Lifetime of Tears” mark a milestone for you as an artist?

In many ways. And I feel the same way about this album. It surely has to do with me as a person. Since “Devil”, I’ve grown older and as you experience new events and things, you grow to be respected. I think I went through the most complicated period of my life. And if you want to be a better and stronger person, you have to respect yourself and see yourself for who you are and other people with different eyes. These lyrics have a different perspective due to this.

The new singles

As appetizers have been published already three singles: “Shattered Heart”, “Midsummer Night” and “Tears Are As a Fuel”. What can you share about these songs? And which meaning holds for you?

For me, “Tears Are As a Fuel” gives you an idea of how the whole LP will sound. Due to my maturity, my sound has changed with it. My music still features darkness but I peeled off the distortions by going straight to the core of my feelings. If my sound is mature, even my lyrics reflect that. For example, “Shattered Heart” is the most in-your-face song that I ever written.

All the lyrics featured in “Lifetime of Tears” are a slap in your face with a black sense of humor. It is also important to say is despite having toured a lot with my current band, it is the first album I have recorded with them. It has positively affected me as an artist and my music too by adding some bit of groove.

Louise Lemon

Louise Lemon band and Randall Dunn

So, from what I get, “Lifetime of Tears” feels more like a band album than a solo album…

Since the beginning, I’ve never played alone my records. But, what this time makes the difference is mostly the setting. While in the previous “A Broken Heart is an Open Heart”, we recorded it together with a producer, this time I felt like it was a full-time band recording together in the studio. Consider that, this upcoming release was recorded in an analog studio. Consequently, we had to go to the studio together and play everything live.

For the third time, Randall Dunn features as a producer/mixer. So far there are no surprises and you’re well aware of his work method. Considering your artistic maturity, how was it to work with him?

It was good. After trying out different mixing with other producers, he understood what I needed. And, he gave justice and care to my music. When mixing I used several analog instrumentations, and it was what I was looking for.

I’ve built a team of long-term collaborators such as my photographer, and my band and Randall is part of that. We developed all together and came together to use this knowledge. But, we know each other what we like and what we want from it.

I’m sure that you won’t have any obstacles on your way and this time you’ll be able to tour without any problems. Are there already any plans in the pipeline?

.We haven’t booked a tour yet but I’m looking forward to it. That is the only thing I want to do.

So, Louise, thank you so much for the interview. I hope you have enjoyed it.

Thank you for the wonderful questions, and thank you for taking the time to interview me.

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