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For a very long time many around the world have believed that the only bands with female progressive/symphonic female singers either came from Scandinavia in northern Europe, The Netherlands or Germany. This could not be further from the truth. France has been severely overlooked for its talented female vocalists in Metal. France’s female presence in metal in modern time can be traced back to the last century with Penumbra and their fabulously talented and lovely Asphodel who would also go forward and front the Pin-Up Went Down and a guest spot on the Howdy Effect. Later on France’s answer to Nightwish and Within Temptation would come in the form of the incredible band Whyzdom with their two former vocalists Elvyne Lorient and Clémentine Delauney now with Serenity and current vocalist Marie Rouyer.
On top of all that power French talent now we have Venturia current vocalist Lydie Lazulli added to that already powerful and talented roster of France’s finest female metal singers. I recently sat with Lydie Lazulli . She is a very different lady with her approach to writing, recording and the production of a project. She is one of the more free spirits of progressive/symphonic metal as you will notice when you go get their new album “Dawn of a New Era”. Their are some heavily progressive, gothic and symphonic elements within that powerful album along with some mealencholic ones from time to time. Lydie is a highly accomplshed and well talented vocalist despite the very little formal training most female symphonic metal vocalists of her kind seem to carry in the background.
Furthermore, I invite you to get a cup of coffee or tea and relax as we explore and find out who this beautifully talented young lady of Venturia is. I would also like to sincerely thank Lydie Lazulli for returning the interview so quickly. That is the mark of her true professional attitude for the business, industry and music we all love.
Lydie hello and welcome to Femme Metal Webzine. It is a pleasure to have you here and we thank you for your time. Venturia has some many dynamic and different elements of metal especially progressive and symphonic elements. What influenced you personally to go in this direction melodically?

Hi , thank you for having me . What attracted me in this project was what you just mentioned : this diversity of universes you can hear on our albums . Virtuosity and emotions are part of our music … Melancholy, hope, anger, gentleness, sensuality. This music touches me because it’s made of this: what we are… human beings with our strengths, weaknesses, our fears, the mental gates we have, our hopes and dreams. Sometimes, Charly asks me to write the lyrics with him, it’s another involvement that excites me as I have the opportunity to talk about things that touch me.

It seems very common that a lot of bands from Europe sing in the English language away from their own language, does this seem to be a challenge for you at times?

Singing in English has always been easy for me. I was thirteen when I first performed on stage. At this time I was already listening to world music and foreign languages sounded familiar to me.

Did the inspiration to become a vocalist come to you early as a child or was this something that came later in life? Are you or were you professionally trained as a musician or was this something that came naturally to you?

I began to sing when I was ten and I was singing all day long from day to night. I was dressing up, climbing on the tables just like if I was on stage. I was picking up everything and even a simple toy could be used as a microphone!!!! My father was a singer, I used to see him on stage and I was thinking : ” This is what I really want to do” . It was like an irrevocable calling. I’ve always knew that deep inside of me. About my voice and the way I sing, I think it’s a gift and I feel really thankful to it… I didn’t take any lesson.

Your album “Dawn of a New Era” is a great album. Can you take us through the writing process? Do you individually all bring in ideas and work through the elements of the ideas of one another or do you get together and start playing and writing as you go?

Charly wrote all the music of “Dawn of a New Era”. He’s really open when we bring new ideas to the songs, it’s really pleasant to work with him. This way, everybody put his own personality in the music we play. I write some lyrics too, I bring some ideas and subjects and then Charly is making an english arrangement that will fit with the melodies.

Some bands come together very young when they are still in school. How did Venturia come together? Were you friends growing up or did you come together in your local metal scene there in France?

We met on different musical projects, during rehearsals, tour and gigs… I’ve first met Charly 12 years ago , a real meeting of minds on a human and spiritual level. Thomas and Fred have been close friends for a long time now and Charly met Tom at the music school. This is how we met. Now, we’re like a little family, there’s a beautiful respectful and human connection between us we’re always happy to see each others to make music.

As I was preparing this interview with you I visited your Facebook page and noticed your YouTube channel. I then began to watch your video for “What If I” and noticed background dancers in a metal video which was something I only seen in Dio’s “Mystery” video 27 years earlier. What was the inspiration to use background dancers in the video and have any of the members of Venturia had some experience with the art of dance?

The female dancers you can see in the “What If I” music video are definitely part of the family. There is Sophie, the choreographer we’ve been working with in a big cover band that proposes great shows. Same thing for the 2 other girls Candy and Carine.
When we read the scenario in which devil angels, sensuality, beauty and the snakes were mentioned , the choice of having them in this project was just obvious. They are really talented, beautiful and professional girls.

There has seemed to be a explosion of concept albums, rock/metal operas, etc … over the past 15 years in progressive/symphonic metal. Are there any subjects of interest to you that you would like to write your own concept album or create and rock/metal opera about?

If there is an interesting concept, that could be fun to collaborate. I’d like to experiment opera singing , in a neoclassical concept with particular melodies full of feelings .

Speaking of Rock/Metal Opera’s , if you were ever asked to be a guest vocalist on a Rock/Metal Opera would you take the offer? Who would be your dream person to work with on such a venture?

Well, if there are good reasons to do it and if this is something that seems good and right for me musically, I’ll do it . Collaborate with someone in particular? There are so many artists I’d dream to work with , they are too many to mention. I keep on dreaming and who knows?

Where in 2013 will your fans be able to see you on tour in support of your album “Dawn of a New Era”? Are you opening for any other band this year and are there anymore videos planned for any other songs off “Dawn of a New Era” ?

We already played some gigs in France. We’ll play next to Paris on May, 24th. Touring and opening for big bands means big money involvements and unfortunately we’re not a rich band. This is something pretty hard to do for us unfortunately. We will also release a live album for all the people who didn’t have the opportunity to see us live . We were supposed to release another music video but some datas were lost and the whole video editing couldn’t be done.

We are at the end here. I want to truly thank you again for your time with us here at Femme Metal Webzine. Before we end this, what other musical ventures metal or non metal would you ever like to pursue to grow and develop as a artist and musician? What else would you like the fans out there to know about you and how they can support you. Feel free to share whatever you want here.

Let me say thank you from the bottom of my heart. for all the support you give to Venturia. I want to thank our fans as well. They have to know that I can’t wait to meet them on stage. I wish everybody at Femme Metal Webzine and our fans all the best in the world.
Big Hug & Peace and Love.


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