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Serbian female fronted alternative-metal band Face Off released their debut album, “The Colour of Rain” that is out now via Maple Metal Records features strong, powerful riffs, prominent and strong songwriting that gives you a sense of doom, mixed with power metal with a hint of goth-like melodies. Led by Marija Kovacevic, her vocal abilities differ with every song featured on the album but also get stronger over time. This can be seen in their official single, “Fragile” which proves that her vocals mesh- well with the fast, strong and dynamic power riffs that are present in the song. I had the pleasure to chat with Marija to discuss Face Off, “The Colour of Rain”, what plans Face Off has in store (wink wink…brand-new video and single) for us and her craziest fan moment was. Stay tuned for our interview to see what else Marija has to say to Femme Metal Webzine! 
Hi Marija and welcome to Femme Metal Webzine. Thank you for allowing us to interview you today! I just wanted to say that your debut album is one of a kind.

Hey Laura I’m very happy to chat with you. Greetings to Femme Metal Webzine readers. Yeah, “The Colour of Rain” has its moments.

Your debut, full length, album “The Colour of Rain” is currently out now via Maple Metal Records. What can fans expect to hear in your latest release?

Our debut is out for almost a year now. The fans can expect to hear aggressive and loud guitars combined with gentle female voice, but not always so gentle (laugh).

“Fragile” is your latest single taken from your album. What can you tell us about this particular song and why it was chosen as a single?

“Fragile” was our first single/video release from the record. The reason why it was chosen as the official video is because it was well accepted when the album came out, and we wanted to give the fans the opportunity to see the video interpretation also.

Can you explain to us about the lyrical themes/subjects or topics that are present in “The Colour of Rain”?

All the lyrics featured in “The Colour of Rain” are socially engaged and are about some of the largest diseases in today’s time. i.e. war, violence, loneliness, drugs.

What could you tell us about the songwriting process for “The Colour of Rain”? About how long would you say each song takes you to complete from beginning to finish?

We were experimenting with “The Colour of Rain”, trying to find our own style. Not devoting ourselves to a particular way of writing music. We really took the time to work on each song, weather it was the guitar parts, drums, or vocal lines. Sometimes it took weeks to work on one song, other times a song was finished within several hours. We cannot really control our creativity.

Marija, all the lyrics taken from “The Colours of Rain” were written by you if I am not mistaken. How long does each song typically take you to write and edit?

Well, you really don’t know when the song is finished do you? If was constantly changing the lyrics depending on the atmosphere I’m in until the songs were officially recorded.

“War Against War” is I believe one of your heaviest songs from “The Colours of Rain” and this verse taken from the lyrics stands out the most to me, “Let’s fight a war against war!” Can you talk us through in your own words the process of writing this song?

“War Against War” is a song which came out from our own experience. We’ve all survived the bombing in 1999  and we have a unique perspective towards that way of “communication” between people. You cannot hear those kind of sounds in everyday life and most of the world’s population is fortunate enough not to live through those sounds and images in their entire lives. That’s what “War Against War” is about.

What would you say is the hardest part of touring or being in band in general?

The hardest part is not having tours, and when we are touring nothing is difficult except not having enough sleep. But that’s okay, who needs sleep (laugh)?

You have covered bands from Deftones to Portishead. What are some of your other favorite songs or bands to cover?

We are not really doing covers, but sometimes we do have fun and play them for ourselves. I don’t really want to do covers in the future, but I’ll enjoy listening to all kinds of music.

Do you have any special live festivals, special performances or concerts planned to promote “The Colour of Rain”?

“The Colour of Rain” has been promoted enough and is pretty much behind us. We are currently focusing on our new material which is going to a blast!

How would you describe your band’s current sound?

We are not what we used to be on “The Colour of Rain“. We’ve evolved into a more sophisticated sound; something like atmospheric/art/metal. You can hear it in our upcoming single named “Lush”.

Are there any particular songs from your debut album that you are closely relate or have significant meaning to you personally?

All of them. But if I had to choose, I’d say “The End”.

What has been the craziest fan moment you’ve experienced while on tour with Face Off?

After one gig, a guy approached and gave me a gift. When I opened it, there was a lamp. Reason? I don’t know.

I am from North America and when I first heard your music, I actually thought I was listening to my favorite bands, Lacuna Coil for a second. Who are some of your favorite musicians of all-time?

 That means a lot to us, thanks! If I had to write some of my favorites now, the other ones would be insulted for not being mentioned, so I’ll keep my mouth shut (laugh).

How have been the overall reactions from your fans in your native county of Serbia? What about your fans from all over the world?

Today, internet took media supremacy so there is way to reach out to everyone. I like to communicate with all of them equally.

You’re such a beautiful and very talented lead vocalist. Walk us through your pre-concert rituals or customs before hitting the stage with your band mates?

I wouldn’t exactly say that I’m so beautiful and talented, but I can say that I love my band and my team. I don’t need rituals as longs I have the audience backing me up.

If you had the choice to pick any song from “The Colours of Rain” to be your next single, which song would you choose and why?

None. Those songs were written to be listened to as a whole.

Do you have any final words you like to say to the Femme Metal Webzine readers and to your fans? Marija, thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule to chat with us. It was a honor to speak with you and I wish you and Face Off all the best of luck and more! 

Laura you were great! A big hug to you and your team. As for the readers: watch out for the upcoming single “Lush”, you’ll be blown away. Take care and stay metal!


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