NERVOSA - An Interview with Prika Amaral & Diva Satanica

Interview by Miriam Cadoni

NERVOSA - An Interview with Prika Amaral & Diva Satanica
Photo by Antonio Sicre Photography

Despite the recent announcement of a band line-up change, the multinational thrasher band is already preparing the next opus. In this interview collected during their recent European tour, we met both the Spanish singer Diva Satanica and Nervosa‘s mastermind, guitarist Prika Amaral for a nice round-up. Enjoy!

Hi girls, welcome back to Femme Metal Webzine. How are you? How is this tour treating you?

Diva: We are good and super excited to share the stage (again) with the Witches. So far, it has been quite fun. And we are looking forward to it.

Back in 2021, you released the full-length “Perpetual Choas.” What can you recall about it? And what about its feedback?

Prika: The feedback has been overwhelming because it was beyond our expectations. Consider this is the first release that features a brand new band formation. The girls in this line-up are just talented musicians and amazing people. But at the beginning of the whole process, we didn’t have enough time to work together.

Due to the COVID pandemic, we had to find a way to manage everything from afar. Despite all, we did a great job [laughs]. Since we are constantly on tour, the next step is coordinating all the parts to make it happen a new release. But, “Perpetual Choas” is THE album of our careers. Something that won’t happen again.

As previously mentioned, the current line-up is based all over the world. Mainly between Europe and South America. How do you succeed in collecting such great material? And, considering your experience Prika, how did you manage it?

Prika: I think that it wasn’t so bad. When the old formation of Nervosa split, we went on our separate ways for our good. And you can experience the outcome. We have two better bands. Given this, it sounds weird to say that I have found the best companions to share my adventure with.

NERVOSA - An Interview with Prika Amaral & Diva Satanica
Photo by Miguel Perez

Diva, besides being the singer for Nervosa, you’re involved in the Spanish thrash metal band Bloodhunter. First of all, how do you manage the schedule of both bands?

Diva: Indeed, this year has been crazy because Nervosa has a lot of scheduled shows. It’s starting to be challenging to fit into both programs. Also, Bloodhunter has a different organizational structure because of the involvement of the other band members in their projects. So, we support each other, and vice-versa my activity with Nervosa. In the end, it’s how we handle the situation.

This European tour follows your first American tour ever. If you recall a highlight of this experience, what would it be?

Prika: Wal-Mart!

[Everybody is laughing]

NERVOSA - An Interview with Prika Amaral & Diva Satanica
Photo by Barbara Cirivegna

Diva: I felt grateful to everyone who came to attend our shows. For example, Arch Enemy founder Micheal Amott and drummer Daniel Erlandsson came. I felt lucky to meet my idols. Also, the guys in Destruction supported us a lot.

Nervosa has recently produced a beer in Brazil. Is there any idea to distribute it also in Europe?

Prika: I’m busy working even with that!

I want to taste it, and I want to be the first one!

Prika: I solemnly promise that when will distribute it, the entire collection will be available [laughs].

Despite COVID, 2021 has brought us a lot of good music. If you should do a retrospective, which words will you use? Outside this pandemic, there is life.

Diva: Of course. It was a busy year because we had the chance to play at several festivals. It felt great to watch real faces without any masks. And to have a taste of life once again.

So, girls, this was my last question. Thank you so much for everything. Just conclude the interview as you wish. Once again, thank you.

Diva & Prika: Thank you so much for being here with us. For supporting us today. I hope we can meet you next time and drink a beer together. And there is another promise [laughs]