Nitte Valo – Burning Point


Interview by CriX

Burning Point is living a new era thanks to the newcomer Nitte Valo. The new self-titled album refresh the metal scene with pure heavy metal energy and to know more about it with have had the pleasure to talk directly with the vocalist!

Hi Nitte, welcome to Femme Metal Webzine. First of all, how are you?

Hello! I’m fine. Life is good, thanks for asking.

Burning Point was founded back in 1999 but you have joined the band only last year, in 2014, how did this happen?

If I remember right, it was at the end of 2013 when Pete [Ahonen, guitarist] asked me if I could sing a few songs on Burning Point‘s upcoming album. But in the spring of 2014 it turned out that Pete had decided to step down from the singer’s post and asked me to join the band as a lead vocalist. Of course I had to take some time to think about it. Eventually I said yes!

“Burning Point” marks your debut in the band and it features on top of new and re-recorded old songs also a cover from Kiss, what can you tell about its genesis and lyrics?

Honestly, you gotta ask Pete about more accurate details. He’s the one making most of the songs and lyrics. He knows the history behind the album’s stories, but in general I think he mix some fiction with the facts in the lyrics.

I have to say this album is a real bomb: everything works perfectly and you gotta believe me when I say that I’m not able to choose the best song from it. What’s in your opinion the best, or better, your favorite song?

This is a hard one. Of course I like all of them. But I have to say two of my favorite songs, “My Darkest Times” and “Queen of Fire”.

Let’s talk about the artwork: who is the author and what do you wanted to express with it?

The artwork was done by this awesome graphic designer named Mario Strlek. We wanted to capture the past, the present and the future of Burning Point into one picture and Mario did an excellent job on make it real.

What  Burning Point is planning for the future? Any plans for a tour ?

We have already started to make a new album. About touring, I can’t really say anything yet. But of course we are ready, willing and able!

On March, you rejoined Battle Beast on the stage in Helsinki for play some songs as a guest, all the fans were surprised to see you and Noora singing together, what memories you can recall from that night and what did you felt?

If the fans were surprised, imagine how surprised I was when Eero from Battle Beast asked me if I could or want to sing a few songs on their gig. Of course it was a pleasure to be able to make it happen. I felt awesome and it was a great night and show also.

After the split with your former band, for a while you have taken a break from metal scene, what really happened? Did you miss to be on stage?

Being at the age that I was and a mother of two children, I really had to think about what to do with my life and how to live it. I got pregnant and we had a child. It would have been unfair towards the band and I was not been able to give 100% to it. Sure, I sometimes missed the feeling of being on stage.

Your voice is amazing and we are curious to know which are your main influences?

Basically I just love to sing. That’s what it’s all about. I listen to a large variety of singers, they all have something that you can use and adapt it to fit your own voice.

We are at the end of this interview, I thank you so much and it was a real pleasure to talk with you. Would you like to say something to our readers?

Thank you very much! And now ladies, go and find your inner balls!

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