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Seremonia is heavy psychedelic rock band from Finland. After their last released “Ihiminen” we have the opportunity to interview with the singer Noora Federley that is ready to take us into the dark with her music.
Hey Noora,thank you for your time and welcome to Femme Metal Webzine!

Hi, and thank you!

With the release of “Ihminen” many people are interested in your music, but when the band was born? Do Care to give us some biographical hints?

It all happened pretty fast even though the idea for Seremonia had been in our minds for longer. We’ve known each other for years, but this was a completely new line-up. We just wanted to play this kind of music, and luckily Svart Records wanted to release our first album “Seremonia” in 2012. And a lot of nice things have happened since then.

What’s the origin of the name Seremonia (that in english means Ceremony) and why did you chose it?

Actually we had two options, Rituaali or Seremonia (Ritual or Ceremony). You can perform a ritual by yourself, but for ceremony you need more people. Since we perform together we are Seremonia.

What are the bands that inspired you more? –Seremonia‘s lyrics are in Finnish, why did you make that decision? Do you think that the English as language is not suitable?

We are very inspired by finnish 70´s prog rock, bands like Haikara and Kummitus and most of the Love Records releases. We wanted to play psychedelic rock in our own language because it’s more original. There is enough bands playing this sort of music in English.

How’s changed the modus operandi between “Seremonia”, your debut and “Ihminen”? Also, in your opnion, what improvements do you have notices in terms of writing and composition?

In “Ihminen” there´s more prog rock and punk rock influences, songs are more diverse. Fast songs are faster and the slow ones are slower.

What is the theme that mostly dealt with in your lyrics? What you favourite song from “Ihminen” and why?

I think the main theme in lyrics are destruction of nature and the dark side of the human mind. At the moment my favourite song is “Ihminen”. It has been great to take all those new songs to gigs!

What can you tell us about the video shooting “Rock ‘n’ rollin maailma” and “Uhrijuhla”? Can you explain us which are the topics treated in the videos?

Our videos are directed by our good friend, musician and film-maker Sami Sänpäkkilä. Sami had a strong vision of how our ideas to be implemented. “Rock `n`Rollin maailma” pretty much visualizes the lyrics of the song, a young girl is seduced by the evil powers of rock `n` roll. “Uhrijuhla” is a more mysterious piece. The lyrics of the song are an invitation to a some kind of sacrificial ritual.

Recently a lot of that so-called occlult bands like Jex Thoth, Purson, Blood Ceremony are out, although many bands don’t like to be catagorized, do you feel at ease being called an ‘occult rock band’? If not, do you mind explain your musical vision?

 You can call us occult rock band or psychedelic rock band or finnish heavy psych band. The bands you mentioned above are all great bands, but I think our music is quite different. I mean the “occult rock” is a wide category these days so it doesn´t say much.

Are you planning a tournee? Any chance to see you around the Europe?

Yes, we have some plans but nothing certain yet. It would be great!

What’s been your best live? -And what’s the best gig-festival you have seen?

It´s impossible to choose just one favorite, we always enjoy playing live. It has been very nice that we´ve gotten a change to play abroad like Roadburn festival. I really liked Endless Boogie`s show there. Copenhagens Heavy Days in Doomtown was a very cool festival too, great bands and great atmosphere.

If you could have three wishes for your band what would they be?

A time machine for traveling in time. An intergalactic space ship for traveling in space. A tour somewhere warm because the winter here is so long and cold.

Being based outside Finland, although we know some famous bands like Nightwish, Sonata Arctica & Stratovarious, how is it the doom/occult scene in Finland?

Lots of very good bands here playing doomy heavy music, bands like Opium Warlords, Tombstoned and many more.. Yes, I think the underground scene is very lively.

Despite the music, what are your hobbies? Do you something fun to spill out?

I´m interested in visual arts, go out to see live music and check out all the flea markets I can.

Well, we have reached the end. Please greet you fans as you wish. Thanks!

Thanks for your support! See you!


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Photos by Sami Sänpäkkilä