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Interview by Crix

Usually we’re prone to more traditional introductions but this time we would like to make an exception to the rule and I think also can be a great addition to my interview: I’m sure that you’re already aware that Finnish heavy/power metal band Battle Beast has just released their 4th album “Bringer of Pain” via Nuclear Blast (which can streamed, downloaded and bought in a variety of physical formats here) but I would like to offer you an exclusive footage where the singer Noora Louhimo (which you can find at the end of our interview or simply by clicking here) talks us through her stage makeup whilst getting ready for the band’s headline show in London. Are you ready to rock with us?

Hey Noora, welcome back again to Femme Metal Webzine. How are you doing?

I’m fine, thank you. Actually I’m at the JKB Studio where Battle Beast is having the release and recording or whatever.

Your new album “Bringer of Pain” was released on February 17th via Nuclear Blast, what can you tell about its genesis and lyrics? And what are the main differences compared to the previous albums?

Well, “Bringer of Pain” is going to show the new Battle Beast, because we have a new line-up where, Joona Björkroth, Janne‘s brother, is the new guitarist and he also take part on the songwriting process. Actually, the album has been written by Joona and me together and it was really nice working with him. The songwriting of course is different because there’s no more only one songwriter and we are still looking for the right album dynamics so how’ll gonna fit in the future. Janne did almost all the songs on this album but everybody took part on the creative process giving own ideas. I think we successed to keep the old BB sound in our new album but also finding new different areas. It’s interesting to approach metal music with pop and hard rock, at least combine different styles is very BB, in this way people can always get something fresh to listen.

This is the first album without Anton Kabanen, how did it change the way you work on the songwriting?

It’s changed totally. Before the songwriting was Anton‘s thing and now we are all together working on the songwriting. When one person is writing the song and he doesn’t want anyone else touching his art isn’t a team work, now that we have freedom to put out the ideas of everybody and decide which song will be on the album and which not, is much better. Of course, we need a person who has the last word to decide but it’s great when everybody can bring its own creativity in the same basket, I mean the basket is the new BB.

And for Joona this is the first Battle Beast album as official guitarist, how has been working with him?

With Joona it’s been great. In 2015 when we started to think who was going to be our new guitarist it was pretty clear that Joona was the best choice, he was trying to write music for BB before to become member of the band, he shows great work etic and spirit and it’s how it should be in this band.

The first single released was“King For a Day” and the video-clip is pretty interesting, would you like to delve into its making-of?

It was really a special location because we had a casting around my hometown, Tampere, and people whom are our fans or like our music actually partecipated to the shooting. So, we had our fans supporting us at the set, they had the opportunity to hang around with us, I remember a guy told me “Oh my God, this is the best day of my life”. It’s great to bring fans so close to us and it’s amazing to have a video-clip with them also. I think that’s what BB is all about, BB is the combination of the band, the fans and all the people whom are doing so much work for this band.

Your tour is started on February with some dates in Finland and then in March you’ll continue across Europe with Majesty and after that you will fly on April in North America with Sabaton and Leaves’ Eyes. How do you feel about it? And how was the feedback from the fans?

Well, the fans did always expected some very kind of energetic, crazy heavy metal parties from BB but we will bring (as always) definetly some new twist in the shows, of course new songs in the setlist and we have a lot of surprises. We were so very excited to going to Europe and we have this new shows, new music. Majesty are friends from the previous tour and they were a great support band. The only thing I can say about the tour with Sabaton that is gonna be awesome although we have been touring with them 2 years ago and it was amazing. People love Sabaton, they have this kind of heavy metal party even if their songs are about wars and historical facts, but they don’t do it in kind of serious way, they want to entertain people and this is what we do also, so we are a perfect combination. We’ll have with us also Leaves’ Eyes, I’ve never been toured with them but, I’ve met the singer at this Finnish summer fest called Lankafest and she’s very sweet and also Sabaton are so nice people, not only the band but all crew, I know for sure that this tour is gonna be awesome is gonna be a success.

Is any place where you have not play yet but you would to?

We haven’t played in South America and it would be lovely to go there and also China, Australia. There are a lot of places to conquer but we will get there, now we are going to North America for the first time and is gonna be great.

We are at the end of this interview, thank you so much for your time! Would you like to say something to your fans?

Hey lovely BB fans, remember to get your copy of “Bringer of Pain” and see you on tour.

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