ORIANTHI – An Interview with the Artist


Interview by Miriam Cadoni

Photo by Chris Rivera

Despite the current situation, Aussie world-renowed artists and guitarist Orianthi is back with with full-force and committed to offer to her listeners some distraction from this precarious times with her fourth solo full-length “O”. After announcing her recent deal with Italy’s Frontiers Records SRL, she has recently released her new singles “Impulsive” and “Sorry”. Also, for our guitarist connoisseurs, she’s releases a brand new custom made Gibson guitar. For the details, stay with us and learn more though our interview. Enjoy!

Hi Orianthi, welcome to Femme Metal Webzine, how are you and how these precarious days are treating you?

I’m doing good. I mean are somewhat some crazy times and obviously, if it wasn’t for the current situation I would be touring right now. But, I’m doing good, I’m safe, my family and friends are safe and healthy. I just released this records and I cannot wait to perform it live next year.

So, let’s start with order, recently you have signed a deal with Italy’s Frontiers Records SRL. How this collaboration born?

That’s great. Frontiers Records SRL approached me and they are really enthusiastic about my music and I’m really happy to work with them. Of course, this is the beginning of great things.

Subsequently to the announcement of this deal, your new full-length “O” was revealed. What can you share about its general production?

We did the whole record in like 28 days and [producer] Marti [Friedriksson] and I worked in Nashville together in the studio. It was really fun. It was something we didn’t even planned because we were just heading to the studio, write, put down ideas together, vibed it out. So, it was really a vibe.

I must guess that the process was really and the ideas were freely floating around during the recordings, right?

Yeah, definitely. The thing is, when you get into a studio, you don’t need to overthink anything. You have just to let the vibe and the feeling of the music flow during the session. Simply, let all coming out, have a track and then record it.

Then, there you go. Even if I recorded 1 year ago, this records is still organic and yet, it sounds polished and roar. At the end, I’m really happy that people is digging it a lot.

As I mentioned before, the new record is called “O” and it stands for Orianthi. What the meaning behind such enigmatic title? Also, in which way this album represents you?

Well, people call me just O and I thought it “Why don’t call it like that?” and out that thought, it just happened to be the righe title album. And if referring to the second part of the question, this album represents my next chapter. Honestly, how would have thought that reality would be this way?

So, I think, releasing some material right now, can totally help people through this time to entertain them. I’d thought, it was something cool to do and with Frontiers as this album represents a step forward. As I said earlier, I hope that people enjoy it and that it will provide entertainment right now for these times, because it’s really crazy for everybody.

So, as other, we are here to serve people especially now, in a period of craziness and uncertainty to offer some comfort in the best way possible, considering that now we cannot tour. Releasing material that people like it, it means a lot for me.

Photo by Chris Ace

Considering that your last effort dates back to 2013, why your fans had to wait so much time to listen to the following of “Heaven in This Hell”?

Well, because I was doing a lot of other things such writing for other artists and mostly, touring. So, a lot of different things happened together at the same time that prevented me to release it before.

In addition to your album release, you have released also a signature acoustic guitar in partnership with Gibson Guitars. What details can you share about it?

It’s really a special one. It’s an acoustic guitar completely ideated by me, it has a 3/45 neck on with a first-of-its-kind engineering. I’m really excited about it.

Earlier, you have also mentioned your new single “Sorry”. Which insights can you share about it?

It will come out pretty soon but it’s already getting airplay requests here on local radio stations in Vegas. It’s pretty much out there because the listeners can already download and listen to it and recently, we shot its videoclip and I’m really excited about it.

As an artist, which are your favorite milestone that so far, you have reached and what’s your big next dream that you would like to fulfil?

Considering with all the artist I worked with, there were a lot of moments where it felt like it was pretty surreal. Honestly, having a platinum record while having had a world tour with Alice Cooper, have worked with Michael Jackson and Ritchie Sambora, just to nominate a couple of names, it is a dream coming true. So, I feel very fortunate.

Due to the pandemic nobody can tour but what the future holds for you?

For the time being, we are are doing what we can and unfortunately with this pandemic, it’s a real fuck up at the present moment for the artist.

So, Orianthi, thank you so much. We are at the end of the interview, please be free to say hi to your fans and our readers.

Thank you so very much for your love and support and I cannot wait to see you all next year on tour. I’m so really happy that the listeners are liking my music and thank for you taking time in interviewing me. I really appreciate it.





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