Interview conducted by Arianna G.

Interview written by Miriam C. and Arianna G.

Backstage pics by Alessandra Dalmari

Metal is indeed an admirable, beautiful music genre because of its great variety. Over the years a lot of newcomers have gained a special and magical spot in the musical Mount Olympus, a lot of them achieved this important goal thanks to their talent, the support provided by their fans and their hard work. Some others, instead – even if they were and still are so worthy- like a bloomed flower, are still hidden in the darkness, hoping to bright by their own and to get some more recognition, both from the audience and from the medias. Revenience seems to belong to this category: the band from Bologna, after having achieved an important goal thanks to the release of the first full length album, is indeed one of those gems you wouldn’t neither love to ever leave nor to let get it away. In a funny and fresh autumn afternoon, Femme Metal Webzine got the chance to video-interview and introduce to our readers this unique and valid band who illustrates the genesis of “Daedalum” and that unveils itself for what it is: a group of young people united by a mutual passion, music, and whose journey is just at the beginning. We would like to send our heartfelt thank you to the Alchemica Club, especially to Niccolò, for the greatest availability and the biggest professionalism that he has given to us.

But without further ado, below our special videointerview with the band


Here below you can enjoy our exclusive photogallery shot by our collaborator and friend Alessandra Dalmari




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