SERENITY IN MURDER – An Interview with Freddie and Ayumu


Interview by Miriam Cadoni

Japan has always been one of those places full of mysticism and mystery for its culture and their traditions. But in terms of music, it has been constantly offering high quality metal bands but unfortunately, quite underrated and somewhat difficult to reach out. Given this, I’m so proud and happy to introduce you the Tokyo-based symphonic melodic death metal band Serenity in Murder. Recently the band has released their fourth album “REBORN” which also introduces their new singer Ayumu. So, let’s see what the leader Freddy has to tell us. Enjoy!

Hi Freddy and Ayumu, welcome to Femme Metal Webzine. How are you and how life is treating you in these strange days?

Freddy: Hi Femme Metal Webzine. Thank you for your interview. It has been some hard days but we looking forward to find new ways to survive this pandemic era. We trying to adapt to the changing social needs and realize how happy a normal life can be.

For our overseas fans that are not familiar with Serenity in Murder, would you like to introduce a little bit how the band came together?

Freddy: Actually, I formed this band 10 years ago while I was attending university. Throughout this time, of course, some members left the band and now, only me (who I take care of the composition, I play the guitar and then, compose all orchestration) and Ryuji(Gt) are the original members left. While in 2017, our bassist Yu-ri joined the band.
Originally, Yu-ri played in Visual-Kei scene (That’s why he looks like Visual-Kei!) and since back then, he was a fan of Serenity In Murder.

Unfortunately, our former drummer left the band just before recording of “The Eclipse” and in order to finish our planned recordings, we had to look out for a new drummer. At the time, we were quite lucky to meet the new drummer Allen which it turned out to be the best choice ever. So far, he has recorded “The Eclipse” and our brand new album “REBORN”.

After the release of “The Eclipse”, even our former vocalist left the band and we started immediately to search for a new one. In that regard, we have received several applications for an audition but the one who stood out was Ayumu. She made us feel like we were able to trust her for our bright future ahead. Then, we started work together and for Ayumu, it was a really busy period because she had to practice a lot to improve her vocals skills. All in all, she took about 1 year to bloom into the great vocalist she has become now.

On 10th February 2021, the band has released their fourth album “REBORN”. What can you recall about its general production? When did you start to collect the first ideas for it?

Freddy: Actually, I don’t have any preconceived concept for write new songs because music stems from myself. I get inspired by things that I feel and I see in my daily life. Concerning the period, I started composing material for “REBORN” right after our previous full-length “The Eclipse”.

I felt the need throughout the previous tour to play songs with more groove and brutality for a more aggressive live show. So, the combination of these elements influenced the sound of “REBORN” which is a balanced mix of Symphonic, brutal and groove. Instead, about the songwriting, Nature always gives me inspiration. You can feel that natural elements such the Earth, the Universe and Nature itself act like a unique Great Spirit.

As I have discovered, “REBORN” marks the debut of the new singer Ayumu which joined the band back in October. How she joined the band?

Ayumu: First of all, I did already appeared in a TV show that focused on Gridgirl back in October 2018. And, it happened by coincidence that the Japanese famous and popular talent scout Matsuko Deluxe found me between over 80 gridgirls at the circuit. Then, she gave me a chance to appeal to the audience there present. In that occasion, I remember that I shouted “Metal is sooo cool !!!!!!”.

After that event, a SiM fan who watched me on the show, he suggested me to audition to fill in the singer position in the band. At first, I wasn’t so sure to send over my application because I was aware that that SiM is one of the coolest death metal band in Japan and as expected, they have a high quality musical standard.

In order to help me out with my recordings, there was the involvement of my old bandmates (Ryo Amamiya/funeral moth). In the end after publishing my material on my profile, the band expressed a positive feedback and yeah, I decided. I just sent message to the band and luckily, I got the chance to meet Freddy and Allen for a try-out session.

Out of “REBORN”, it was already released the single “The Glow of Embers”. What is about this song?

Freddy: As I’ve already mentioned, our ex-vocalist left the band and we spent a long period without knowing what was coming next. It was so hard and frustrating and this event made us weak like embers. However, our passion and dream for the metal music was still there, it never ceased to burn inside our heart even in such difficult times.

We felt really weak and exposed but now we stand together again with our new vocalist Ayumu and thanks to this, we are back on our feet. In the end, “The Glow of Embers” represents of our story of how we have reborn after such a complicated time.

Though, on the other side, it relates with the latest events happened in Japan. Same as us, the Japanese population had to overcome many difficulties such as the war and the earthquake(s). Sadly, I’m one of the survivors from that big earthquake back in March 2011 and it was a horrible one.

We, as the Japanese population, never thought to stand up again after such a huge blow. After, we found that the strength to get back to some normality and our reborn was beautiful like the glow of the embers. Even if our fire burns out, the embers have will always burn inside and its glow of embers will the hope for a brighter future.

The word ‘reborn’ has an important meaning but in this case, what the title of this release means for the band?

Freddy : So far, we have released 3 full-length with our old vocalist and the band went through 4 line-up changes in 10 years. All things considered, change a vocalist is quite different from the other members because I’ll never ever listen again to our music performed by the former singer. For this reason, it marks the end of chapter 1 in Serenity in Murder’s history.

In the relation to the music, it has never changed because I’m the main composer but this time, all my compositions are for Ayumu. On this album, the band has further improved their sound which signify also the reborn of the band itself. Lastly, our title album stands for the aforementioned reasons that I’ve explained you before.

The previous album “The Eclipse” was released back in 2017. Which are the main differences that you can find between this one and the upcoming “REBORN”?

Freddy: Naturally, one of the biggest difference is the presence our new vocalist Ayumu. She has a more aggressive style and high-mid voice which brings both brightness, aggression and brutality to our sound. Also, I think that my composing skills have improved during these 4 years which is why I assume that “REBORN” is absolutely one of the best album of the band ever published.

What the future holds for you and how the pandemic impacted your original plan?

Freddy : Originally, we were supposed to plan a tour after the release of “REBORN” but it’s not realistic with this ongoing pandemic. So, momentarily, we are focusing in the studio for preparing our tour after this dramatic situation.

Additionally, I’m already busy writing new material for the next LP because our plan is to release 2 albums in 2021 for celebrate our 10th anniversary year. Then, we received some interesting offers for our first European tour in 2022. Of course, It’s not sure yet but we are eager to do it.

So, Freddy & Ayumu, we’re almost at the end and with this please be free to say hi to your fans and your readers. Thank you so much for this interview.

Freddy: As always, thank you for your passionate support. I wish that our music has supported you even through this pandemic era. Our new album “REBORN” has been released on Feb 10th. Please check it out and I believe that we will surely meet you after this pandemic!

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